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Outdoor Lighting Techniques That Make Your Naples Home Shine

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples is committed to making your southwest Florida home stand out, and this has been our aim for many years. One of the reasons we are the best outdoor lighting company is because we tailor each system to the property features and the homeowner’s preferences. This makes each install unique and personal. Homes that are bathed in light from our systems are the most eye-catching in the neighborhood. When designing and installing outdoor lighting, we use several lighting techniques to highlight all the best of your home.  By implementing washing, grazing, and silhouetting, we can bring out the best of your Naples home.

Washing is a technique that is used to bring out texture. Perhaps, you have a stone accent wall on the exterior of your home or a landscape feature that incorporates a variety of plants. These elements are rich in texture, and this aspect should be showcased. Washing utilizes flood or well lights to accomplish this effect by illuminating them enough to show their distinctive characteristics but not with so much light that detail is lost.

If using the grazing technique, we “brush” landscape or architectural features with just enough light to allow your eyes notice that these features are there. This technique can be very useful to create an air of mystery or to light areas subtly.

Sometimes, what you don’t see is more striking than what you do see. Silhouetting involves putting a spot or floodlight behind an object to create a distinct shadow. This technique can be used to striking effect when lighting objects with unique shape. Ornamental plants or other landscape features become even more distinct when lighted in silhouette.

Exterior House Lighting

Most homes we light use a combination of these techniques. Notice that each technique uses a different level of light. Contrasts, highlights, and lowlights work together to create a scene that reflects you, the homeowner, and makes your property visibly unique after sundown. We will highlight your home’s best features and delicately illuminate other areas in order to give you the best curb appeal possible.

If you want to bring out the best of your home, choose outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. Call us today, and let us use our expertise to make your home shine. (239) 970-9554