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Naples’ Top Three Outdoor Lighting Blunders Can be Avoided When You Hire a Professional for Your Naples Home

As outdoor lighting professionals, we really do want everyone’s property to look its best, especially when it comes to their outdoor lighting. You know that cringe you feel when you see work in your field of expertise that just isn’t well executed? This is how we feel when we see poorly installed or designed outdoor lighting. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad outdoor lighting. Homeowners and other non-professionals who attempt to install an outdoor lighting system certainly have the best intentions, but a lack of knowledge can lead to mistakes that prevent the property from looking its best. By allowing Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to install your system, you can avoid these common outdoor lighting blunders.

Awkward Fixtures – We all know the scene, a small spotlight or floodlight installed near a wall or corner, probably in a mulched area. It stands out day or night, and it is one of the first things you see when you approach the home. When designing a system, it is important for people to see the effect of outdoor lighting not the lights themselves. Fixtures should blend into the landscape rather than drawing the eye. If fixtures are positioned awkwardly or are the incorrect fixture for the area, they garner more attention than the lighting itself. To eliminate this blunder, be sure that you have a professional install your lights. That way, they are positioned correctly. By using high quality fixtures from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, their shape and color will blend into your landscape. Our copper fixtures develop a patina finish over time that is stylish and even has camouflaging characteristics.

Insufficient Illumination – If the wrong fixtures are chosen or if the lighting configuration is incorrect, a home will be riddled with either dark spots or hot spots. These areas are unattractive and ineffective. Having plenty of fixtures correctly positioned bathes the exterior of a home showcasing all of its architectural elements. This doesn’t mean that the façade of a well lit home is white washed with light, but it does mean that shadowed areas don’t look like a monster is lurking there. A consistent wash of light with purposeful areas of shadow is not only more appealing; it is also safer, giving residents and guests clear visibility. To eliminate this blunder, have a professional install your lights so fixtures are positioned for optimal illumination.

Exterior House LightingSolar Lighting – While it is true that solar lighting is ideal in terms of energy consumption, the technology is not developed sufficiently to transform it into quality outdoor lighting. Solar lights harvest energy from the sun and store it to burn at night. Unfortunately, current solar fixtures cannot store enough energy to shine consistently, brightly, or naturally. Often, solar lights are dim, oddly colored, or even off. Though the lights are supposed to turn on when the sun goes down, they often turn off randomly and are not reliable. Many homeowners who choose this option are trying to be more environmentally conscious, but they would be much better off choosing a quality LED system. Our LED lights are energy efficient, long lasting, and indistinguishable from halogen lights. Your property will be environmentally friendly without sacrificing any of the look you crave.

If you are about to install an outdoor lighting system, don’t fall victim of these blunders. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. With us doing the work, your outdoor lighting will be in the best professional hands. (239) 970-9554