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Outdoor Lighting Make Homes More Competitive in a Reviving Market

Summer is here, school is out, and everyone is focused on vacation and taking it easy. It’s the season of relaxation and family time. Did you know that it is also the season for buying homes? It’s true. The housing market experiences an increase in the spring and summer, and this year the housing market in Southwest Florida is looking promising. We are showing signs of improvement, and buyers are even being competitive with each other, something that has been a rarity in recent years. Brokers are beginning to see multiple offers on homes at the same time. It really is an exciting time to be in the market. Perhaps you are planning to sell your home this year, or you may be looking to buy. Either way, adding outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples is an improvement that will benefit your property in many ways.

If you are in the market to sell, you are probably sprucing up your home with new paint, flooring, landscaping. When staging your home for show, first impressions are extremely important. Just as people do with each other, we make value judgments within the first few seconds, so that first impression matters. Be sure that your property is striking from the moment a perspective buyer rounds the corner. Add outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting gives you curb appeal in ways that other improvements can’t. It creates elegance and style. Your lighting system could make your home look regal and refined or mysterious and enchanting. By working with our designers, you can have the house that stands out on the block, the house that perspective buyers will have a hard time walking away from.

If you are in the market to buy, you will probably begin customizing your home as soon as you move in. Redecorating and restyling a new home is what makes it personal, and many new homeowners start this process with landscaping. The yard will make the first impression on your family and friends as you being to show off your new property. Consider adding outdoor lighting as you are doing landscape work. If our designers have the opportunity to work with your landscape designers, we can prevent many potential challenges, and your property will be “under construction” for less time.

Selling or buying, one of our lighting packages is a great place to start. You can add additional lights, if desired, to better accommodate your property. So call us today. No matter what your aim in this year’s market, outdoor lighting is the right choice. (239) 970-9554