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Elegance and Elevation: How Outdoor Lighting Enhances Southwest Florida Nights

It is not the first time I’ve said, “We’re so lucky to live here.” It won’t be the last. There is no denying that Southwest Florida is one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Stunning white beaches, the shining gulf water, and towering palm trees come together creating what most would call paradise. Personally, I count myself lucky not only to live here but also to bring out Naples’ remarkable beauty at night. While outdoor lighting is functional, as it enables use of spaces and keeps them safe after dusk, it also elevates aesthetic aspects of your property, and such elevation can only be accomplished at night. It is this characteristic that makes outdoor lighting so enticing to homeowners in our area.

Recently, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples installed a system that encapsulates Southwest Florida beauty after dark. Like many in Naples, the client has an enclosed pool area and spectacular palm trees. The property is also located on the water. This client wanted the pool area illuminated with elegant and dramatic lighting but also wanted to highlight the trees outside of it. By doing so, we were able to craft the illusion of being completely outdoors under these magnificent trees but without the annoying insects.

Dramatic uplighting was used on the trees outside the pool area, making them stand out against the darkness behind them. Several small palm trees within the area were also illuminated in this way. The uplighting and their shadows reflect off of the glass roof, adding a striking layer of depth and creating an even denser “forest” look. Other islands of foliage and flowers were lit with overhead lighting and path lights. The end result was enough ambient light to make the area functional and enough shadows to create a captivating mood. Now, our client can lounge around the pool soaking up iconic Florida beauty and the mysterious elegance the new system inspires.

What is most beautiful about your property? A pool area like the one above; a tropical garden of trees, foliage, and flowers; or awe-inspiring architecture? Whatever your best area may be, there is an elegance and wonder that can only be teased out at night under the very best outdoor lighting. If you would like to unlock this beauty in your home and elevate it, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. You have seen what we can do, and I promise the potential is already there. After all, we live in Naples.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples 

(239) 970-9554