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Particular Tree Lighting for the Particular Palms

While most of the country has experienced much chillier temperatures this week, here in Naples our thermometers are reading in the 70’s and low 80’s, which is perfect for being outdoors. Our warmer yearly temperatures are also perfect for palm trees. They flourish here. And while people in colder regions of the country may envy our temperatures (especially this week), they probably envy our palm trees even more. Every year, homeowners in other areas of the country pay hefty sums to purchase the trees that are native to Florida. You probably have several of them in your own yard and value their contribution to your landscape. They are regal and majestic. But are you able to truly experience their famous beauty after dark? Are they illuminated by your outdoor lighting system? If not, they should be, so they can continue to add value to your landscape at night.

Just as with other areas of outdoor lighting, there are correct and incorrect ways to light palm trees. And while you could get general contractors or landscapers to install your tree lighting cheaply, they are not lighting specialists and may not understand how to bring out the best of your palms. To be able to illuminate palms correctly, it is important to understand their anatomy. Palm trees have a unique crown shape, and the proportion of crown to trunk also differs from other tree species. Additionally, some palms have a crownshaft connecting the crown to the trunk. Because palm trees are so different from other trees, they need a special approach to lighting.

For proper illumination, palms not only require proper positioning of lights, but they also need a variety of bulb wattagess and beam spreads. This ensures the whole palm is illuminated and that parts of the crown aren’t getting lost in the dark. Without these special wattages and spreads, fixtures cannot be properly positioned to create optimal illumination. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples uses multiple bulb wattages and beam spreads to bring out the very best of your palms. General contractors and landscapers tend to use the same bulbs in all fixtures.

Using dramatic uplighting (angling a well or spotlight upward toward the crown), the individual leaflets or segments of your palm leaves shine against the dark shadows beyond. And with the proper bulbs and spreads, your palms’ trunks can flaunt their wealth of texture at the same time. A fitting showcase for one of the most identifiable symbols of our state. If you are ready to bring out the very best of your palm trees after sunset, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. By coming to your property to view your trees first hand and discovering what you are looking for, we can ensure these giants are as iconic at night as they are in our brilliant Florida sunlight.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

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