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Using Spotlighting to Accentuate Your Best Holiday Décor

Halloween has come and gone, the air continues to cool, and the daylight savings shift last week made it even more obvious that fall is fully upon us. Very soon, we will begin to see holiday decorations going up around the neighborhood. Perhaps you are one of the early birds, or maybe you wait until after Thanksgiving to do your Christmas or Kwanza decorating. This year Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are overlapping! So those who celebrate Hanukkah have a lot to get ready for – quickly. No matter what holiday you celebrate, lighting will probably play a large role in your decorating. With all the focus that turns to how our homes look during the holidays, many not only use string lighting to accent their homes and décor, but they also incorporate spotlighting for wreathes, garlands, or 3-D decorations nestled within their landscape. Using such lighting highlights your décor and keeps it from getting lost in the shadows.

If you are planning to incorporate spotlights in your holiday lighting this year, how do you plan to accomplish this? Realistically, you have two options available to you: 1) Pick up some spotlights and extension cords at your local home improvement store or 2) Call an outdoor lighting professional.

The most obvious benefit to setting spotlights yourself is that it is more cost effective. The fixtures and cords you purchase at the store will be cheaper, and your initial investment will be less than if you hire a professional. However, remember that you get what you pay for. Running electricity to spotlights with extension cords creates some inherent hazards. Even if a cord is rated for outdoor use, extension cords are easily nicked by foot traffic, landscaping equipment, or even children playing, which can in turn cause a fire. Additionally, cords create trip hazards and are just unsightly when draped across the yard.

Having a professional, like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, install your spotlighting may be more expensive up front, but it is well worth the investment long term. The lighting we install utilizes a low voltage transformer and completely buried wiring, which effectively eliminates your risk of spotlight related fires and people tripping over cords. By having a professional install your spotlighting, you will also get the optimal look for your property. Professionals understand how light and shadows work together to create mood and effect. They know how to eliminate bright “burn out” spots by putting the proper distance between a fixture and the object illuminated. And they are conscious of all angles from which someone might view your property. Finally, once the holidays have passed and the festive lighting and decorations have been put away, a professionally installed system will continue to bathe your home in beautiful light that will captivate your neighbors and guests.

So if you are thinking about adding spotlights to your holiday lighting, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. We will be happy to discuss your property’s options and even come out at dusk to show you how our outdoor lighting can make your home stand out this holiday season and all year long.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

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