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Outdoor Lighting is the Perfect Addition for National Curb Appeal Month

August brings us the final days of summer. The kids are enjoying their last bit of freedom, and many of the rest of us are looking forward to cooler days. But this August is bringing something else as well – National Curb Appeal Month. National Curb Appeal Month is an entire month dedicated to sprucing up the front of the house, or any side that many be visible from the road. Curb appeal should be viewed as one of your home’s assets. It is of utmost importance if you are considering selling your property. Not only can it increase the marketability of your home, but it can even add value. Of course, if you are not planning to sell, great curb appeal makes your home stand out in the neighborhood and gives you a feeling of pride. So what are some ways you can increase your curb appeal in August? Of course, you could repaint the trim or do some new landscaping, but consider adding outdoor lighting.

No matter how beautiful your property may be, night will swallow that beauty without outdoor lighting. No one will see your colorful flowers, your unique roofline, or the beautiful textures of your architecture. Your palm trees will become one with the shadows. But outdoor lighting brings the best features of your property to light. It highlights these features, and even transforms them by changing the way you look at them. This is possible because outdoor lighting is directional. It is not simply light shining down from overhead, like the sun. By controlling the light sources that illuminate the front of your home, a good outdoor lighting designer can manipulate mood in ways that other home improvements cannot.

What types of outdoor lighting are typically used to increase curb appeal? Architectural lighting is an essential component. It ensures that your home is visible and its unique architectural elements are noticed. Landscape lighting is also utilized. It highlights the best portions of your landscape – from trees to flowers to shrubs and foliage. Entry way and path lighting ensure that visitors know where to go when they approach your home. This includes lighting pathways to the door and door itself. Of course, you may also need porch lighting if your home has one.

By using some or all of these types of lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can make your home magnetic, and that is true curb appeal. Your home can turn heads and make you happier to return to it through the addition of a few lights. So celebrate National Curb Appeal Month by calling us today. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples make your home the most appealing on the block.

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