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Naples’ Light Sculpting Specialists Bring You an Inspired Night

Warmth, enchantment, excitement, and refinement – these are just a few tones that truly inspired outdoor lighting can bring to your home. Areas of light and shadow contrast, creating focus and rhythm. Colors pop out in the dark. Your trees, flowers, and architecture come alive. These elements are the same yet different under the mesmerizing glow. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we do more than just illuminate your property. We create mood and tone, form lines, craft texture, and direct sightlines. We are craftsmen and light sculpting specialists.

You may be wondering what a Light Sculpting Specialist is. This is an outdoor lighting professional who goes beyond simply illuminating an object. A light sculpting specialist manipulates light in order to create an effect, much like a sculptor manipulates clay to create a likeness. A light sculpting specialist scrutinizes detail and must be able to carefully control the light he/she uses.

Consider this lanai. Beautiful trees grow both in and outside the lanai, but the use of light blurs the viewer’s perception of this division. Trees and foliage plants both in and outside are illuminated with dramatic uplighting. The small, palm casts shadows up onto the cage ceiling making the vegetation seem even denser. As a contrast, downlighting is used to highlight the foliage plants on the right and balance out the scene. Lighting in the foreground and background is more subdued, manipulating sight lines and giving depth and serenity.

Pool and Patio LightingFor this installation, particular attention was given to the line created by the stairs leading down to this pool area. Light is most intense and dense in the area between the stairs and the pool. It bounces off the palms down into the pool area, giving the space a warm, welcoming glow. However, the area above the stair line is more shadowed. Light fades until darkness dominates the upper right of this scene. This divisive technique shows separation between the outdoor living area and the world beyond. Balance is created in a fashion reminiscent of yin and yang.

In this patio and pool area, pools of light reveal gathering areas – the table, water feature, and the pool itself. The water feature, which is most removed, is illuminated more intensely imparting to it the ability to reach across distance and beckon. The table area uses a combination of uplighting and downlighting, giving functionality to the table while still drawing attention to the majestic tree sprawling overhead. Finally the light at the edge of the pool is the mid point on which the scene balances, as such its brightness is neither intense nor subdued.

As you can see, sculpting with light requires in-depth planning and masterful control over fixtures. The results of such labor are breath taking. Are you ready to transform your outdoor living areas into works of art that you can enjoy night after night? If so, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today and see what happens.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

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