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Create Relaxing Places with Naples Outdoor Lighting

There is a reason why outdoor water features are so popular, they transform your surroundings into a tranquil Zen like place to relax. If you think about your favorite vacation spots or your favorite place to go when you need to get away you may be able to pinpoint what it is about that place that attracts you. Is it possible that there is a trickle of water that provides a lovely peaceful sound? Or a larger body of water providing you sound and fresh ocean air?

Waterfall Lighting


Creating a tranquil place in your own yard with the addition of a water feature is a fantastic way to add grace and welcoming environment. Working great on its own, it is hard to believe that you can increase the relaxing feeling by adding underwater lighting to your water feature. Making your water a beautiful focal feature after the sunsets allows you to get additional relaxing qualities from it while creating a lovely romantic feeling.


Charm your senses with the addition of outdoor lighting to your water fall, water fountain or trickling water feature. The right lighting can turn a gorgeous eye-catching daytime feature into an after dark work of art. The talented designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples know just the right fixtures to use and just how to position them to create a lovely space of solitude out of your tranquil backyard water feature. Considering the width and height of your water features, we make sure the end result is focused on the water.

Waterfall Lighting

We specialize in lighting your Naples Florida water features and water falls. We’d love to come out and have you show us your Zen place so we can determine how to help you increase the calm and tranquility of the lovely surroundings you call home. Call us to talk about lighting your outdoor water features (239) 970-9554.