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Naples Temporary Event Lighting You’ll be Sad to Take Down

As the summer starts to wind down, party season is beginning to wind up. The end of summer and early autumn is a busy season for celebrations. When planning a big celebration such as a wedding, birthday party, family reunion or anniversary party your to-do list can get quite lengthy. Some honey-do items may have been neglected in the heat of the summer and now it’s time to catch up on small repairs and up-keep. With so much to do, let us handle the event lighting for your next outdoor event.


It is not uncommon to think of adding event lighting for your celebration at the last minute. Just the thought of trying to squeeze in the time to go shopping for just the right lights, how many to get and getting them hung can be nauseating when you have so many other party items to coordinate. Don’t fret, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can step in to create an outdoor lighting design to enhance your celebration. With our temporary outdoor event lighting you get the benefits of permanently installed outdoor lighting but with a few additional advantages.


Our event lighting will enhance your outdoor entertainment space by illuminating gardens, pools, patios, decks, trees or any other outdoor feature you want to highlight. Similar effects that you get with our traditional outdoor lighting system can be achieved temporarily for a big event, with the additional benefit of being able to quickly place lights in areas where traditional outdoor lighting might not be able to go.


Using our battery powered LED lighting fixtures, we can place the lights almost anywhere. If you have set up a tent down on the beach where electricity lines wouldn’t be cost efficient to run we can bring the event lights. Maybe you’re hosting a unique wedding in the orange groves? We have just the right lights, we can illuminate the path from the parking area all the way to the party area and use our festive lights to create a perfect wedding reception spot in between the trees. With the addition of spot or flood lights to highlight special landscaping features or event props, you’re sure to have a magical event that lasts well into the night.

Rechargeable and cordless, our battery powered LED lighting fixture are perfect for your special event. You don’t have to worry about cords that can be a tripping hazard or running electricity to your party area. Impress your guests with temporary outdoor even lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to make your dream event a reality. Call us to talk about your next special event at (239) 970-9554.