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Mystery and a personal haven are hidden among the lush landscaping at this Olde Florida style Naples sanctuary illuminated with LED outdoor lighting

One home removed from the endless sunsets of the Gulf of Mexico, this residence reflects Olde Florida style while serving as a personal sanctuary for the owners.  The lush landscaping for the front of the home is illuminated by 11 bronzed brass LED fixtures ranging from 1.5 watts to 6.5 watts each for a total of 50 watts power consumption. For additional perspective, consider for a moment that’s 30% less energy use than two typical incandescent candelabra bulbs found in most wall mounted coach or carriage lights.

Let yourself get lost in the images of how this home and its well placed illumination invite you to walk up the path and enjoy the warmth within.

The carefully placed lighting creates the perfect welcome for any guest or homeowner upon arrival.

During dusk, the illumination acts as a compliment to the setting sun rather than competing with it. While the trees absorb the last of the fading sunlight, each LED fixture begins to bring the lush greenery to life.  A well placed glimpse of light from under the gate creates further allure of what might lie behind the picket fence. The property itself is too expansive to be limited to just the welcome path.  Depth and height is created by drawing the eye to the wide array of specimens that deserve attention. Across the front of the house are multiple species of palm trees, shrubbery and landscape accessories waiting to be discovered.

Tree Lighting

As the sun finally sets on the Gulf, the landscaping brims to life with artful lighting. Without overwhelming the eye, LED illumination casts a romantic veil of light that emphasizes rich greens, vibrant yellows and the deep, earthy hues of the landscaping. The energy efficient LED lamps used to illuminate the porch continue to create a beautiful focal point. It’s hard to believe this much illumination can be derived from a total of 50 Watts.

Pathway and Entrance Lighting

LED outdoor lighting can do so much more than create the perfect landscaping scene.  It can optimize it. The water flowing through this fountain is not the only soothing feature here. Notice how the light captures the detail of the curve of the swan’s neck and feathers at the center of the fountain. The strength of the base is contrasted with delicate sounds of water trickling in the shadows. The corrosive proof fixtures are a perfect match for the moisture rich environment a fountain can create.

LED lights create a simple and elegant effect. It’s easy to appreciate the soft glow surrounding the specimens rather than the harsh glare of a simple spotlight. In addition to the 50,000 hours of life expectancy, these energy efficient LED lamps deliver a savings of 80% compared to a halogen-based low voltage system.

The selected solid brass fixtures blend right in to the surroundings. You can enjoy your personal oasis without the intrusiveness of the fixture impeding your view.

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