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Have you seen the most fabulous outdoor lighting in Bonita Springs?

After designing and installing outdoor lighting and landscape lighting in Bonita Springs for 15 years, we believe that our lighting designs at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are the most fabulous. We are tremendously passionate about outdoor lighting. You will see many of our outdoor lighting designs in Bonita Bay and The Brooks and many other upscale homes throughout Bonita Springs.

One of the best ways to evaluate outdoor lighting is to take a look at before and after pictures. With outdoor lighting design, so many landscape elements and architectural elements can be illuminated. But exceptional design calls for the designer to select areas and elements within the landscaping that will create the best nighttime illumination. Take a look at the before and after picture below. One of the focal lighting scenes is in the back corner. The contrasting colors of the landscaping along with the water feature make it ideal as a focal element of this lighting design. You will also notice that we paid particular attention to the beautiful colors of the Thai plant toward the left of this scene. The next aspect of this design is gently illuminating the architectural pillars and horizontal beam. This spectacular pool area has tremendous height and dimension and it would be a shame not to draw the eye upward and to the Coconut Palm trees right outside the enclosure. Illuminating the trees adjacent to but outside the enclosure seamlessly blends the inside and outside. It allows the homeowners to view and enjoy their exterior landscape in a way that cannot be done during the day. Taking a look at the landscaping, it’s well designed, well manicured, and just beautiful. But seeing it at night brings dimension, contrasting colors and elements of each of the palm trees to life. You don’t have to look too closely at the nighttime view to see the texture on the trunks of the palms. As it relates to texture, you can also see the fronds of the interior trees and the individual stones within the water feature lighting area. Low-level lighting brings this area to life.

Pool Lighting

Below you will see another pool enclosure lighting design in Bonita Springs. Notice the way your eye is drawn beyond the enclosure and the way the lighting is able to blend the interior and exterior landscaping. Also notice the detail of the leaves, fronds and trunks. Notice how those details become engaging and mesmerizing with discrete lighting.

Veranda Lighting

Below is an architectural facade outdoor lighting design in Bonita Springs. Here are some of the principles we hold dear with lighting design. If applicable, the home’s facade should be illuminated from side to side and from top to bottom. You will see too many designs that illuminate just the entry or just one particular area of the facade. Make sure your lighting designer adeptly illuminates the beauty of your home’s entire facade if applicable. That’s just one element of good architectural lighting design. Next, your lighting designer should adeptly bring to life both depth and texture. By specifying the correct wattage, beam spread, and color temperature; the different architectural reliefs can be seen and enjoyed at night. In fact, these become more apparent with exceptional lighting. You want texture to come to life as well as focal architectural features. Taking a look at the image below, you will note that this spectacular Bonita Springs home looks even more spectacular at night.

Facade Lighting

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