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Dark Sky Compliant Outdoor Lighting in Naples: A Quick Guide

You may have heard a great deal about night sky compliance in Collier County and the dark skies ordinance in Sanibel Island over the last few years. While compliance in Collier County is especially important during sea turtle season May 1 – October 31st, Sanibel has a year round dark skies ordinance to preserve the enjoyment of the natural starry night sky.

Planter Box Lighting FixtureIt may feel overwhelming to have to consider all the dark sky rules when adjusting or adding outdoor lighting, if so, let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples handle it for you! We offer completely dark sky compliant LED outdoor lighting design, installation, and service. We can even assess your current system, providing you with a plan to meet compliance with adjustments.

Dark Sky Outdoor Lighting

Here is a quick checklist if you would like to take a quick inventory of your current outdoor lighting system:

Uplighting: If any of your lighting shines up into the night sky, on trees or houses it is not dark sky compliant.

Downlighting: Lights must aim downward, but must also have a shield. If you can see the light source from any angle except directly below the fixture, it may not be compliant.

Reflectors: If your light fixture features any reflector inside, it may not be dark sky compliant.

Flood Lights: You can use flood lights, but they also must be shielded.

Other Lights: Post lights, decorative lights, and Sconce lighting is permitted, but must also meet the requirements as a shielded downlight as mentioned above.

Beach Lighting: If your home, business or other property is visible from the beach it is best to have us assess your situation directly. There are stricter guidelines for lighting this close to the beach to protect the sea turtles.

Shadow Test: Brightness is an additional consideration in dark sky compliance. If you live near the beach, it is best to conduct a shadow test, if your light creates a shadow it might be too bright.

Dark Sky Compliant Services

If you are concerned with dark sky compliant lighting, call today. (239) 970-9554 We offer subtle LED lighting for every outdoor use and our lighting experts are fully versed in dark sky compliance and the Sanibel ordinance. We can even help with permitting if you are in a zone which requires permits and inspections.

This article is not meant to replace the actual and specific dark sky compliant guidelines as provided by Collier County and Sanibel. If in doubt check the source that applies to you or call us to come have a look.