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Naples Patio Lighting: 6 Lighting Ideas For Maximizing Fun & Function

There are few better places to spend time with friends and family than on your backyard patio. In Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, and across the country, people are building outdoor resorts in their own backyard for daily rejuvenation and weekend entertaining. Along with this trend, the increased use of patio lighting has extended the function of these retreats well into the evening hours. We offer the top 6 choices for illuminating your Naples patio:

1. Hardscape Lights: Under your outdoor kitchen counter, along your seating walls, or cascading down your privacy walls; hardscape lighting is a beautiful and discreet way to integrate patio lighting into your patio design. Hardscape lighting can provide enough lighting for tasks on your countertop or remain ambient such as around your outdoor fire pit; the choice is yours.

2. Market Lights: Our premium LED market lights will transform your Naples patio to an instant festive party space. Whether it is for your own delight or while hosting guests, market lighting is a perfect accent to any patio.

3. Focal Lights: Think about the accessories and landscape on and around your patio space. With focal lighting to highlight statues, trees, planters and other focal features, you can enjoy your favorite features after the sun sets into the Gulf of Mexico.

4. Moon Lighting: Nearby trees provide a perfect place to install a patio light to wash across your entire patio from above. By tucking the light well into the tree, the light dances through tree branches below creating a magical moon effect for your enjoyment.

5. Landscape Lights: With beautiful landscape design around your patio, landscape lighting can be the perfect choice for Naples patio lighting. By highlighting the gorgeous landscape around the perimeter of your patio with our LED landscape lights, you’ll enjoy ambient lighting perfect for winding down after a long day at work.

6. Task Lighting: At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, our goal is to make your outdoor lifestyle a well-functioning dream come true. With custom task lighting over your poolside bar, you can easily prepare food and drinks for your guests with clear visibility and stunning style.

However you use your Naples patio, be sure to remember the lighting. The last thing you want is to have to call a perfect evening early because the sun set and there is no visibility. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today for a design consultation and nighttime demonstration. (239) 970-9554