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Outdoor Lighting Post-Storm Repairs & Maintenance

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples provides the best quality outdoor lighting transformers and copper and brass LED outdoor light fixtures available. Even with such amazing durability, there are some weather events that could cause a disruption in your outdoor lighting system. After a hurricane or tropical storm, fallen trees and flooded streets could affect your lighting system. What should you do to protect your outdoor lighting system after a hurricane?

  1. If your power is still out, call us, we can inspect your system before electricity is restored to prevent shorts and other mishaps when the electricity fires up.
  2. If your system is up and running, observe each light and make sure everything is working.
  3. Call for an outdoor lighting system checkup just to make sure everything is in order.

The most common things you may see:


There are many reasons a single light could stop working after hurricane damage. It could be a line was snapped, or flood waters caused a short. Whether it is simple or complicated, our lighting professionals can come to your home, diagnose the issue and repair it. While we’re out there, we will assess your entire system looking for dysfunction where you might not notice it.


Adjusting Light FixtureIf your entire outdoor lighting system won’t come back on since the hurricane came through there are a few things that could be going on. One of the most common reasons an entire system is out is that the Ground Circuit Fault Interrupter has been tripped. While that is a common scenario, sometimes it is something more complex. Whatever the case may be, calling us will ensure your system is diagnosed and repaired the correct way.


One of the biggest effects a storm can have on an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives LED outdoor lighting system is of the design. Flooding can cause erosion that might shift a light, knock them over, make them lean, etc. Falling branches and leaves can disrupt the light from shining where it is meant to shine. Mud and debris can leave some lenses murky and less brilliant. Fallen trees and devastated landscaping can alter overall landscaping so significantly you need a few major adjustments. With a maintenance call, your entire system will be inspected and adjusted. We’ll trim away foliage that has grown or fallen in front of lights, we’ll clean lenses, whatever it takes. Whatever is disrupting the gorgeous outdoor lighting design will be altered to create the beautiful effect you enjoyed the first day your system was installed.

If the hurricane has caused a disruption in your outdoor lighting system, or it has just been years, and the landscape on your property has changed and slowly altered things, call today! (239) 970-9554 At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we don’t just design and install lights; we maintain and repair them for the long haul. If you are not already enjoying our annual maintenance plan, we encourage you to check it out.