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Does My Naples Outdoor Lighting System Need Service?

To keep your LED outdoor lighting system looking its best and working well, regular maintenance is imperative. If you already enjoy our annual maintenance plan service, then you know what it means to have your lighting refreshed each year when we service your system. The difference some years may be minimal, but if you had a year of landscape changes, hurricanes, or other interruptions, you will see a dramatic improvement as we check and adjust all of your lights. If you think you’re in need of maintenance for your Naples outdoor lighting system, you probably are correct. When night falls, turn your system on, and take a walk around your property to check for these signs you are due for outdoor lighting service:

Before and after image of home with proper maintenance of outdoor lighting

  • Is vegetation blocking some of the light that is meant to cascade onto other structures or across the ground?
  • Are any of your light fixtures tilted, knocked over, or dimmer than the others?
  • Are any of your landscape lighting fixtures not firing up at all?
  • Is there wiring exposed on the ground?
  • Are any of your fixtures dirty or covered in mulch or other debris?
  • How does it look? Is the beauty still wowing you or is there something “just not right” that you can’t pinpoint?

With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, you can trust your outdoor lighting system will be taken care of by our expert team for the life of the system. Enroll in our annual maintenance plan or call us today for a visit. Our maintenance inspections are thorough and will address any aesthetic or functional issues that could have happened to your system since our last visit. (239) 970-9554 Keep in mind: we do service competitor systems.