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Show Your Vacationing Guests a Great Time With Naples Pool & Pool Enclosure Lighting

Look to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to give your guests an experience they’ve only had at the finest hotels and resorts with your top-notch pool and pool enclosure lighting.

Pool Area LightingIs your Naples pool lighting ready for visitors? Do you have guests staying with you during their spring vacation? If they’ve traveled from another state, then you know there are only three things they want to do here: swim in your pool, sit around the pool and dine out on the lanai.

That’s all they want, really. You can suggest all kinds of activities, and they will happily allow you to entertain them, but they really want to get back to your pool. This is true especially if they don’t have a pool at their home. But even if they do, it’s not the same. There is something truly special about homes with pools here in the lush, tropical Naples area as well as everywhere from Marco Island to Bonita Springs and Sanibel Island.

Sometimes we take our pool culture for granted here. A lot of energy goes into our beautiful landscaping around the pool and fitting out the lanai with comfortable furniture. It’s the place we go to relax and entertain guests, often accomplishing both activities at the same time. Now that’s multi-tasking! Your guests from out of state are so envious.
Pool LightingSo if you haven’t had your pool lighting inspected and refreshed yet this year, it’s time — ideally, before your guests arrive. Your guests will be more than impressed by your gorgeous pool and pool enclosure lighting.

We have three questions for you, right now, about Naples pool lighting:

  1. Have you signed up for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples’ Annual Maintenance Plan? We do all of the work for you! We service your entire outdoor lighting system on an annual basis — with the present time being the best time to have that done. That way your visitors will see Naples in the best light.

  2. Have you upgraded your pool and pool enclosure lighting system to LED lighting? If not, you need to call us right away! LED lighting is just as beautiful as halogen; the LED bulbs don’t need to be changed every year; and an LED retrofit at your home will deliver an 80% reduction in electricity use. What are you waiting for?

  3. Do you not have professionally designed and installed pool lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples? We specialize in artfully designed, high-quality pool lighting, pool enclosure lighting, lanai lighting and landscape lighting in pool deck planters. We can maximize your enjoyment of your pool and the surrounding area year-round by taking it from beautiful to stunning every night.

Summer nights will be here before long, but right now the sun still sets early. Your guests are here to have fun. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ pool and pool enclosure lighting, you don’t have to let sunset send you indoors.

Call today to schedule a design consultation for Naples pool lighting.(239) 970-9554