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8 Ideas to Refresh Your Naples Outdoor Living Spaces

When full-on summer hits us, we’re not going to feel like accomplishing much in the way of outdoor décor updates. Now is the time to get ready for those sultry summer days. Does your patio, poolside or lanai need a refresh for summer 2018? Here are several ideas, some new and some tried-and-true.

  1. Choose a new accent color for your outdoor living space. We respond to color on a subliminal level. For summer, you may want a more soothing color than the bright reds and oranges of a previous season. Somewhere between blue and green is the perfect shade of sultry summer days and nights.
  2. Now take that accent color and do something with it! Coordinate your cushions, throw pillows, outdoor placemats and napkins with a mix of solid colors and patterns. Serve up some deeper hues next to the pastel versions of your accent color.

    Add Naples Outdoor Lighting to the Mix

  3. Update your landscape lighting in areas around — or visible from — your outdoor living space. If you don’t have landscape lighting yet, let us demonstrate its mood-altering effects so you can enjoy that experience for yourself. Subtle, professionally-designed landscape lighting adds an entirely new dimension to your outdoor living space. You’ll feel transported each time the sun sets.
  4. Dial up your festivity level by adding those dazzling string lights you’ve seen at outdoor cafes. We install professional-grade, permanent outdoor string lighting that can handle any weather. These fun lights will see you through a whole summer’s worth of evenings with friends whether you’re decompressing from a day at work or ready to celebrate the weekend.

    Enjoy the Cooling Power of Water, Physically and Emotionally

  5. Add a misting fan to your get-cool options for those times when you don’t feel like dipping into the pool but you need some relief!
  6. Incorporate a small water feature among your container gardens to add the tranquil sounds of water trickling over rocks, and then just close your eyes and drift away.
  7. Refresh your patio or pool lighting. What else have you added to your space that wasn’t there when your outdoor lighting was originally designed? That new water feature is just begging for a subtle accent light. Naples outdoor lighting doesn’t need to be stagnant. Change it up!

    Show Your Playful Side this Summer!

  8. Bring in the art! Whether it’s a little statue at the base of a palm tree or a quirky abstract figure peeking out from within a container garden, playful art tickles your awareness. Accent lights on your favorite pieces will allow you to enjoy them day and night, instead of only half the time.

If you’re ready to add the finishing touch to your outdoor living space with custom outdoor lighting, call today to schedule a design consultation. (239) 970-9554