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What is the Best Way to Light My Palm Trees?

Naples Palm Tree Lighting is a Perfect Way to Add Ambient Light to your Property. If Properly Executed, Your Trees Can Be the Stars of Your Property as Much at Night as During the Day.

Palm tree lighting ideas Naples FloridaThriving palm trees are one of the many benefits of living in a tropical climate. From Naples to Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Estero, businesses and homeowners alike take pride in the Palms that grace their landscape. Palms create a stately effect at the front of your property while creating a tropical oasis in your backyard and outdoor entertaining spaces. It is no surprise that the beloved trees are the main focal point for adding landscape lighting to any property. If you're considering adding Palm tree lighting, check out this list of amazing ideas to maximize your Palm's beauty at night.

What’s the Best way to Light UP MY palm tree? Check out our PALM TREE LIGHTING IDEAS

It is vital to employ a landscape lighting designer to properly illuminate your Palm trees. The difference can be found in the customization of the lighting approach for each specific Palm on your property. *Did you know there are more than 2,500 varieties of Palm trees in the world?* While only 12 are native to Florida, all of them can be grown here and many of them are! Due to the varieties and sizes, there is no one-size-fits-all for Palm tree lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we utilize at least a dozen different types of landscape lights to illuminate Palm trees. Can Outdoor Lighting Perspectives light up palm trees that vary in size? Depending on their height and the spread of their canopy, we create a customized lighting plan for each and every palm tree we light up. This is how we do it...

Show off the Spread of the Fronds

Palm tree light for heightThe leaves of a Palm are called fronds and are a vital part of what makes Palm trees so exotic and lovely. We assess the width of each tree's fronds to choose a light with a beam spread wide enough to show it off. While reaching the full spread is the goal, we have to be sure the color temperature is just right for reaching high enough in the tree to achieve the desired effect.

PALM LIGHT: Shine a Light to the Top

The color and intensity of Palm tree lighting are vital to honoring the individual tree's glorious height. Palm trees vary widely in height. Some are the size of shrubs, while others tower over your property with glorious majesty. With a lighting expert on your side, you can expect to see your Palm tree illuminated to the highest of heights no matter how tall it is. After all, your tallest Palms are quite likely beloved for their height, and that is a beauty you should enjoy both day and night.

Highlight the One-of-a-Kind Gorgeous Tree Trunk

Palm tree trunk textureDid you know the trunk of a Palm tree is called a stem? As the Palm tree's fronds grow and fall away, the stem extends taller. The unique texture of your tree's stem is due to the growth of these leaves and all of the years it has thrived and shed its fronds. We utilize a perfect wash technique up the stem of your Palm to show off the one-of-a-kind markings that give it texture while also reaching up into the canopy at the top!

Palm Trees Wrapped With Lights

Mini-LED string lights and market lights are a popular way to adorn your favorite Palm with festive lighting for any occasion. If you love the look of a wrapped Palm tree, give us a call. We have the perfect long-lasting LED lights and the proper technique to make sure the lights stay in place for lasting enjoyment. Are you ready to show off your Palms at night? Look to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to light up your palm tree just as you envision. Give us a call today for a design consultation!

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