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What are the Best Solar Spot Lights for Palm Trees?

Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light: 7 Reasons you should choose LED palm tree lighting instead of solar spot lights for palm trees.

Solar spots lights are everywhere these days. From your local big box store to home shopping channels and late-night infomercials, many homeowners are being inundated with the notion these solar spotlights are all the rage. And while it certainly looks easy enough, and in the ads, they sure do look nice, there are a few things you should know about solar spot lights for palm trees before you buy them.

Palm tree lighting

Don’t continue your search for the best rated solar spot lights for palm trees without reading our list of reasons you should forgo solar altogether and choose LED lights for palm trees.

7 Disadvantages to Outdoor Solar Lights for Palm Trees

  1. Inconsistent Light: When you buy a pack of 10 lights, you want them to all match. One challenge with solar, is that even if the lamp output is a consistent light temperature – they’ll never get the same charge. Leaving you with varying brightness throughout your landscape.
  2. Early Fading Light: Do not go gentle into that good night. Your palm trees should shine all night if you desire it. But, during the long nights of winter, solar spot lights for palm trees will fade long before the darkness of night is over. Not only does the charge not last all night, in the winter, charging time is cut short too. Winter is the time of year you need the charge to last LONGER!
  3. Cheap Plastic Construction: The cheap plastic that makes up most of the solar spotlights out there cannot withstand much. A stray football, a small branch during a hurricane, the constant saltwater exposure – it won’t take much to destroy these lights. The regular weather patterns we experience in Florida will undoubtedly have you replacing them almost annually.
  4. Relying on the Sun: Solar spot lights for palm trees rely on sunshine for power. Shady areas of your property can create a challenge in this regard. Common scenarios feature palm trees blocking solar charge, other smaller shrubs overgrowing and blocking sunlight, or even your home cutting short the amount of charge available during the daytime.
  5. Lack of Control: Solar spot lights only come on when it gets dark enough. Do you have other lights on your property or near it? Your solar light might not even come on at night due to other nearby lighting. palm tree lights
  6. Regular Solar Battery Replacement: Solar light batteries will only last a few years at best. If your light lasts this long, changing out these batteries is a huge hassle. Often leading to replacing the entire fixture instead.
  7. Lack of Palm Tree Lighting Design: There are dozens of palm tree varieties featured in the landscapes of Floridians. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we light each palm tree with a customized lighting design. Some have great height to show off. Others have gorgeous textured trunks or unique, wide-reaching fronds. Many times solar lights can’t even reach the top of the tallest palm.

Solar is not the best outdoor spot lighting option

While solar technology absolutely has incredible applications, the tech hasn’t quite caught up for solar lighting. While the novelty of this tech in home environments certainly catches attention, there are too many downsides to such lighting elements to provide long-lasting enjoyment. Indeed, with the repairs and replacements that are frequently required for solar lighting, the costs really start to add up. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you don’t need to worry about the longevity of your system. While repairs are a necessity for any outdoor living addition, our lighting installations are created specifically to provide long-lasting, energy-efficient, professionally designed lighting that will enchant for years to come. For the best outdoor spot lighting, look no further than Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

Solar String Lights for Palm Trees

Wrapping your palms with string lights is incredibly popular too. There have yet to be any solar string lights that are worthy of this endeavor. The few available are too dim to even notice, and they die quite quickly during the night.

The team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples offers quality LED string lighting that will last for years. And our team are experts at wrapping your palm just right for year-round enjoyment. We do prefer to uplight the magnificent palm trees in the area. Some of the best ways to light your palm trees include washing the textured trunk with an uplight, focusing a spotlight on the tallest fronds, or cross-lighting the broad reach of a large canopy. When you choose the experts at OLP Naples, you can rely on a customized design; premium LED lights with lifetime warranties, meticulous installation, and ongoing maintenance and service. If you’re ready to shine the spot light on your palms, call our team today for a lighting consultation.