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6 Benefits for Home Builders to Partner with an Outdoor Lighting Company

It is an excellent time to be in the home construction business here in Southwest Florida. It is a seller’s market, and more people than ever are leaving the cold climates of the Midwest and Northeast for the always-summer shores of the Naples and Fort Myers region.

Build it and they will come certainly applies, but it also attracts more builder to the area. With the market being as competitive as it is, the difference between you and the “other guy” needs to be immediately apparent. If you work with an outdoor lighting company, we can help you make your model home a stunning showpiece after dark as well as during the day. We can also help you sweeten the pot in your community with special lighting packages for new home buyers. Check out the benefits of partnering with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples for your new-build homes.

Naples Outdoor Lighting for Builders

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Systems for Home Builders

Show off your model home after dark

Let’s be real, nights and weekends are one of the best times to meet with prospective new homeowners. Throughout the intense winter selling months, that time is often after sunset. With a customized outdoor lighting system on your model home, you’ll be able to showcase your designs from the very first impression and through the whole process.

Neighborhood desirability

When a prospective home buyer enters your community, the subtle accent lighting provided by customized landscape lighting will add a sense of warmth and welcoming. As they drive through the streets and see various homes illuminated, they’ll get a sense of belonging that will increase their desire to live in your community.


One of the most important aspects of choosing a new home is the neighborhood in which it resides. Homeowners want a neighborhood with good schools and a low crime rate. When they see the outdoor lighting in your community, they’ll know right away that it is secure, as lighting is a well-known deterrent to would-be criminals.


Feeling safe and being safe are two very different things. While your new community offers security from outside threats that homebuyers love, is it safe for the residents? Safety on a residential property is all about sidewalks, hillsides, swimming pools, and fences. If it is too dark to see the sidewalk, safety could be a concern. If it is too dark to see the backyard swimming pool, safety could be a concern. With a fully customized outdoor lighting system, each home you build can be designed with daytime and nighttime safety in mind.

Common areas

A neighborhood doesn’t become desirable based on the homes alone. If you offer common areas such as a playground, swimming pool, tennis courts, or shuffleboard, we can help make sure those common areas function after dark. With restrictions on travel, events, and concerts during coronavirus, you should at least make sure your community amenities are functioning for fun and safe Friday and Saturday nights in the neighborhood.

Sweeten the deal landscape lighting packages

Sweeten the deal! If you have a customer who is just on the edge of buying and you need a cherry-on-top to tip the scale, offer a landscape lighting package to be included in the construction. Landscape lighting is a cost-effective add-on that can sweeten any deal for selling your community’s homes. We have worked with many builders to put together special priced packages, sized to fit their most common home styles and property sizes.

If you’re eager to have value-add in your community that none of your competitors can offer, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today! We have been working with Naples's best home builders, like you for almost 20 years. You can be sure we’ll make an excellent partner.