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Naples Backyard Ideas to Transform Your Space into the Ultimate At-Home Sanctuary

The days are growing shorter, the darkness of night is taking over, but outdoor living in Naples is still in full swing. Now is the time to upgrade your outdoor living spaces. With these exciting backyard ideas, you can add warmth, light, and entertainment for any time of day or night. Check them out:

Backyard Entertaining

Entertaining friends and family is easier when your backyard is set up for that purpose. No longer do you have to choose between indoors or out for hosting gatherings with food, music, and even televised events. Add these fantastic features to your backyard for impeccable outdoor entertaining:

Outdoor Audio Systems

With easy access to music from almost any device, it is a shame your smartphone speaker won’t project sound very far when outdoors. With an integrated outdoor audio system, including Bluetooth and wireless landscape speakers, you can enjoy premium sound outdoors for any occasion.

Kitchens and Wet Bars

Stay involved with your guests and avoid a hundred trips in and out of the house by adding an outdoor kitchen or wet bar to your patio. With prep space, cooking space, a sink, and refrigerator you can prepare, cook, and serve meals and cocktails outdoors with ease.

T.V. and Movies

It used to be you had to choose, watch the big game, or enjoy the beautiful afternoon. That is no longer the case. Depending your backyard layout, you can add an indoor TV under your porch or patio or an outdoor TV to any backyard living space. Just think, now you can be in the swimming pool, grilling burgers, or playing backyard games all while still taking in the weekend’s big rivalries, your favorite primetime show, or movie night with the family!

Evenings Out (in the Backyard)


While Naples is gorgeous all year round, the change from day to night means no warm sun shining on your skin. The relative change, especially in the winter, can create a chill that might make you want to go indoors. With an addition or two on your patio, you can continue the afternoon activities in comfort. Just add warmth with an outdoor fire pit, patio heater, or new hot tub.

Patio heaters and fire pits are becoming more affordable and more accessible all the time; just order one from your favorite store. You can even have fire pits connected to gas for a warm fire with the flip of a switch. Whether you go with wood, gas, or otherwise, a source of warmth, outdoors is sure to change your backyard lifestyle.

Outdoor Lights

Don’t forget the light. Backyard lighting is vital to quality outdoor living. Backyard lighting can provide clear visibility for continuing all your beloved outdoor fun. Add pool lighting, patio lighting, and landscape lighting to ensure the evening continues without interruption.

Did you know that backyard lighting also ADDS to the fun?

With well-designed outdoor lighting, your boring backyard becomes a fun night just waiting to happen. A favorite among our clients is bistro lights. Bistro lights are gorgeous hanging lights that can go over any outdoor area. Perfect for backyards, they feature large round globes that take you back to your favorite childhood festival, carnival or circus. You’ve probably seen them at your favorite restaurant or bar, and now you can enjoy them in your own backyard. Our team custom strings and installs these lights with a designer flare, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you’re ready to transform your backyard for an amazing outdoor lifestyle, consider these options above. If you’re in need of backyard lighting or an outdoor audio system, the expert team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can help. Just call today to schedule a consultation.