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Pets Need Light Too! Add Naples Outdoor Lighting to Your Pets' Outdoor Areas

We are your Naples premier outdoor lighting company. Not only because we have the best landscape lighting design, installation, and service, but because we customize your lighting for you. Our customizations are not just for the humans in your house, but also for your beloved pets.

Cats, dogs, big, small and everywhere in between, our pets are family!

If you’ve worked with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples before, chances are you were focused on adding curb appeal to your home and function to your outdoor living spaces. Now that you have outdoor lighting, you probably wonder how you ever lived without it. But did you know we can create a custom lighting design to give your pet the visibility they need to enjoy the yard? (And maybe, more importantly, the visibility you need to be able to make sure they are staying safe out there in the dark.)

Add Pet Safety to Your Outdoor Lighting To-Do List

We are the leading Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, and Estero outdoor lighting experts. If there has been a challenging area to illuminate, we have found the solution. When it comes to four-legged family members, there are several ways we can add lighting for safety and visibility. A few ideas that have worked well for others include:

  • Fence lighting to highlight the perimeter of the yard.
  • Deck and patio lighting for clear navigation out to the lawn.
  • Stair lighting for safe stepping.
  • Pool lighting to keep accidental fall-in from occurring.

Our clients love the peace-of-mind they get from lighting designed especially for their pets. We’ve been told that adding lighting in the far reaches of the yard has encouraged pets to relieve themselves further from outdoor living spaces and precious landscaping.

Aging pets with diminishing eye-sight have been the biggest benefactors of outdoor lighting, giving them some freedom back to explore the yard and smell everything without their owners making them rush back indoors.

Solar Lights Just Not Cutting It?deck with copper light fixture

You may have already tried to provide better lighting for your pet with low-quality solar lights or rope lighting. If you’ve found that they just didn’t emit enough light, or didn’t last very long, we encourage you to call us today. Our lights have a limited lifetime warranty on the fixture and a 5-year warranty on the lamp itself. All of that, and they will provide just the right amount of lighting to gain the visibility you require for your pet to enjoy the outdoors after sunset.

How to know if you need pet lighting

Do you stand at the back door watching your beloved fur-baby do their business?
Do you walk your pet out into the yard to make sure they are safe from other creatures?
Is your pet suffering diminishing eyesight?

We have a custom solution for your pet and your yard. Call us today to begin the outdoor lighting design process with one of our expert designers.