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New Year, New Lighting

Give Your Home a New Year Refresh with LED Outdoor Lighting

Happy New Year! With the new year upon us, it is a great time to hit the reset button. Take a moment to step back, assess your goals and adjust your lifestyle as needed. Living in the healthiest and happiest city in America, I suspect here in Naples, we are better at this process than most. And, while most take this time to renew their healthy eating, adjust their career goals, or exercise more, the new year is an excellent time to reassess your home to plan 2019 redecorating and renovations.

New Year Home Renovationslighting control

There are many reasons to redecorate or renovate your home this year. You can update the look to newer trends that you just love. You can replace old utilities with newer energy efficient models. And you can renovate on a large scale to bring dated rooms and items that are beginning to wear, into the 21st century.

One of the ways in which you can meet all the goals above in a cost-effective way is by adding or upgrading your outdoor lighting system to LED.

Meet Energy Saving Goals

Are you looking to lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint? Upgrade your aging outdoor lighting system to LED for an 80% savings from Halogen. Include lighting control automation and you can be sure your lights are never on when you don’t need them. We offer fantastic LED retrofit packages and can usually rework existing light fixtures into a refreshed design while we’re at it.

Refresh Your Home and Property

If you don’t currently have a professional outdoor lighting system, adding one will provide an instant update and refresh for your home. Your gorgeous landscape will be visible at night. Guests will arrive with a warm welcome and easy visibility to find and enter your home at night.

If you already have landscape lighting, updating it or adding on is an easy way to alter the look. Maybe your fixtures are older and not looking so great after years of weathering. Maybe your landscape has changed dramatically as trees and shrubs have grown. Whatever the case may be, our expert design team can help you determine a gorgeous refresh.

Improve Outdoor Entertainingnaples royal palm trees with outdoor lighting

Pool, patios, lanais, hot tubs, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens are the centers of your life in Naples. You spend as much time outside as you do in, especially after dark when the hot summer sun has dropped into the Gulf. With our vast array of lighting for these spaces, we can help you transform your outdoor space to work better for nighttime entertaining. We have fun and festive market lighting, hardscape lights, pool lights and more to meet your specific needs.

Don’t think that your New Year’s Resolution has to be all about you. It can be about your home, your property and your lifestyle. Updating your outdoor lighting is a surefire way to make 2019 an excellent year of outdoor living and enjoyment. Call today for a design consultation. (239) 970-9554