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Marco Island Landscape Lighting Company Helps You Avoid These Common Landscape Lighting Errors

palm treesCommon Landscape Lighting Errors You Won’t Experience with Marco Island Landscape Lighting From Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Once you decide your home can benefit from Marco Island landscape lighting, you might think it’s a good idea to take the DIY route. While it might seem like a smart move to save money, your results might not look great. When you hire a Marco Island landscape lighting company, the expert lighting installers can help you avoid several common mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes will save you from a headache and less than flattering results. Explore some of the most common mistakes we can help you avoid with our help.

Marco Island Landscape Lighting Won’t Produce Zoning Errors

One of the most common problems that happen when people take their Marco Island landscape lighting into their own hands is not zoning their lighting design correctly. For example, if you want to turn off your path lights, if you don’t zone it correctly, you might turn off your spotlights too. When you hire professional landscape lighting installers, we zone out your entire lighting design so you can stay in control of your lights without turning off the wrong ones.

Our Marco Island Landscape Lighting Company Avoids All the Wrong Angles

Positioning lights in the correct angle is an art, and choosing the right angle can result in less light than anticipated or light that doesn’t look as good as it should. From path lighting and moonlighting to exterior lighting, every angle is important. Let our experts find the right angle from the start.

Lights are Placed Strategically

If you want to illuminate your path and your plants, we’re not going to place lights too close to the foundation of your home and miss out on an opportunity to bring your plants to life at night. Depending on your specific needs, our lighting designers strategically place each light for the best results. You won’t find lights that are spaced too close together or lights that don’t capture the shape and texture of plants. 

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You Won’t See Sun Spots at Night

If you implement moonlights throughout your design, and it looks more like a sun than a moon, you have a problem. Our lighting installers make sure the angle and lighting wattage is just right to produce the right effects.

Our Marco Island Landscape Lighting Company Illuminates Pathways Just Right

If you place too many lights alongside your pathway, it might look like an airport runway. If you don’t place enough or space them too far apart, there will be empty spots. Our Marco Island landscape lighting installers place your pathway lights strategically with the intention they lead you to the next area of your landscape and into the entrance of your home.

If you’d like to skip the hassle and the professionals handle your Marco landscape lighting design, and installation, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today.