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North Naples Landscaping Lighting Is a Year-Round Treat

Spring has sprung in North Naples. So, perhaps it is easy to understand why many homeowners are looking forward to spending lots of time outdoors as the temperatures get warmer and the days get longer. Summer nights outdoors provide a perfect escape from the heat of the mid-day sun and the cold, dry air conditioning.

For North Naples homeowners who want to spend plenty of time outdoors with family and friends in spring and summer, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can help. We offer North Naples landscaping lighting designed to transform the nighttime appearance of all types of homes.

overhead string lights

Which North Naples Outdoor Lighting Option Is Right for You?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the premier North Naples landscape lighting company. Our outdoor lighting experts recognize there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to residential landscaping lighting. Therefore, we offer at-home and virtual consultations so we can learn about your North Naples outdoor lighting requirements. Our experts can then offer a personalized landscape lighting recommendation for your home and property.

For some homeowners, we recommend festive string lighting that can transform any landscape into a magical, awe-inspiring setting. Our festive string lights are professionally installed, according to your specifications. That way, we can ensure that our string lights deliver the desired effect year-round.

Along with festive string lighting, we supply top-of-the-line LED landscape lights unlike any other landscape lighting options on the market. Our LED outdoor lighting uses 80% less energy than low-voltage Halogen lighting and comes equipped with a patent-pending technology that extends its life. And, if you need to replace one of our LEDs or require a broader or narrower light beam, you won't need to switch out the entire fixture. In this instance, you only need to switch out the bulb, and you can enjoy the full benefits of your LED lighting once again.

Find the Right North Naples Landscaping Lighting

Don't wait to install landscaping lighting at your North Naples home. Instead, get in touch with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, and we can help you identify the right lights to illuminate your landscape in spring, summer, and beyond.

Add safety, beauty, security, functionality, or all of the above with a customized North Naples landscape lighting system. Call the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today to schedule your design consultation.