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Worry-Free LED Outdoor Lighting System Maintenance Programs

Your outdoor lighting system is a complex system with many moving parts. Transformers, timers, electrical wires, and fixtures all play important roles in the performance and beauty of your outdoor lighting design. Without regular service, the integrity of your design could diminish. With regular LED outdoor lighting maintenance, your system can consistently run at peak performance for a reliable and beautiful nightscape. Choose from the two options in our LED outdoor lighting maintenance program for automatic and consistent service and maintenance.


Our reliable and long-lasting LED outdoor lighting systems do not require a ton of maintenance. With rare needs for repairs and lamp changes, it can be easy to neglect much-needed adjustments and maintenance. To keep your LED outdoor lighting system running and looking great we offer a quarterly LED outdoor lighting checkup. We’ll come out to your place, turn your entire system on and check the entire system from A-Z. We’ll check every fixture, line, lens, transformer, and entire lighting design. We’ll rebury lines that have been exposed, trim away foliage that is interfering with the design, clean lenses, adjust aim and repair any issues (with approval).​


We also offer a less frequent automatic LED outdoor lighting maintenance plan with two visits each year. You’ll get the same excellent service as listed above but only twice per year instead of four times.

Our LED Maintenance Program Visits Include:

  • Check voltage at every light & repair any damaged wire and rebury any that has surfaced
  • Visually inspect fixture placement and lighting design
  • Inspect your transformer
  • Reset and check your timer
  • Clean lenses and fixtures
  • Prune plants and adjust lights to account for overgrowth
  • Provide recommendations for enhancements

Keep your LED outdoor lighting system looking and functioning in peak condition with an LED outdoor lighting maintenance plan. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today (239) 263-9975 to sign up for a maintenance plan and schedule your first service appointment.

If you have a Halogen system check out our Annual Maintenance Plan page for more on Halogen service.