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Alternative Ways to Enhance Your Yard While Waiting for Major Renovations

lighting installationIt’s been more than a year and a half since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, and we’re still feeling strange effects of lockdowns and factory shutdowns. The cost and availability of lumber has left many homeowners looking for alternative methods to enhancing their outdoor living spaces.

If you’re waiting for an available crew to complete your backyard’s improvement project, look no further than our available Naples outdoor lighting solutions. Consider these three ideas for ways to enhance your living space while you wait for a crew to become available to install your deck or pool.

Create a functional outdoor living space

You don’t need a major project to make your outdoor living spaces more functional. With the help of a few chairs and a cast iron fire pit, you’ve easily created the perfect area for an evening social gathering that can go late into the evening. Make it perfect for entertaining and intimate evenings, with mellow landscape lighting and your most comfortable patio chairs.

Rearrange your patio

Sometimes all it takes to freshen things up is a little bit of rearranging. Make your patio feel like it’s brand new by moving your furniture around a bit. If you’ve gone years with your furniture out away from the house, try pushing things back toward the house to create a designated social area. This can help open up the rest of the patio to make room for a new grill, outdoor bar, or yard games. Make the space inviting and functional with additional outdoor lighting.

Install Naples outdoor lighting

If you’ve been waiting to install a new patio before lighting your outdoor living spaces, there’s no need. Get a jump on the rest of your project by installing lighting now. With Naples outdoor lighting options to choose from, like string lighting or landscape lighting, you can create a welcoming space to host a dinner party and enjoy the mild summer evenings now.

Our team is happy to work closely with you to plan phased landscape lighting installation coordinated with your construction team. This solution is excellent for enjoying your yard now as well as having optimal installation for future lighting additions.

There are no current delays for Naples outdoor lighting installation. Book your design consultation today and have lights in the ground as early as next week.

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