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North Naples Outdoor Lighting System Add-On Transforms Florida Home of New York Businessowner

North Naples is a paradise, especially for our homeowners with dual residency here and up north. From the Midwest to New York, people with varying careers, financial statuses, and lifestyles choose to winter in North Naples. Who wouldn’t want to spend a winter enjoying our beaches, water, and outdoor lifestyle over shoveling snow and bundling up in heavy winter gear? We have the pleasure of working with many such property owners. It is a natural fit for several reasons:

  1. Winter in Florida, while mild, still features an early setting sun.
  2. When Northerners are in Florida, they want a tropical paradise both day and night.
  3. We are landscape lighting design experts, making us the best local choice for meeting precise lifestyle goals with outdoor lighting.

New York Businessowners Transform Their North Naples Property with Outdoor Lighting

We recently had the pleasure of enhancing the outdoor lighting system at a North Naples property of successful New York business owners. While their stunning home and landscape already featured a landscape lighting system, it was not meeting their needs.

Our design team went to work to identify areas where the light was lacking, charming features were hidden in the dark, and outdoor living spaces were not entirely functioning correctly. We were able to advise the homeowners to enhance their system with the addition of a variety of landscape lights around the front and back of their property and home.

Great Outdoor Lighting is Not at All About the Light

What you see is NOT the light. What you see are the incredible architectural and landscape features around this property.

Three two-story arches centered at the top of the paver driveway are the first thing catching your eye after dark. Then you notice the massive double doors between them and the astonishing detail work on the façade above the arches.

Next, you’ll notice the palm trees that frame both the entrance of the house and the entrance of the driveway. Their height and the breadth of their canopies create a beautiful framework for the home, while the texture of their unique trunk creates gorgeous shadows and depth.

As the homeowners and guests alike arrive at this North Naples home after dark and navigate the driveway, pathways, and landscaping, there are gorgeous sights around every turn. From the lighting that provides security near the garages for the car collection to the backyard illumination – this home is a picturesque ideal of an outdoor tropical paradise at night.

If your home’s outdoor lighting has a little something to be desired or doesn’t exist at all, NOW is the time to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. We’ve been serving Southwest Florida for over 20 years with the best outdoor lighting systems designed, installed, and maintained. Call today to request a design consultation.