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What Are My Options for Redesigning an Existing Landscape Lighting System in Southwest Florida?

Have you been enjoying beautiful landscape lighting at your property for years? Or have you moved into a new home that has an older landscape lighting system in need of improvements or additions? There is a vast opportunity for enhancing and upgrading existing landscape lighting systems in the Southwest Florida area. These options are not just limited to fixture updates or additions but span to swapping in more energy-efficient options and smart systems you can control with your smartphone. Check out these ideas for redesigning your existing landscape lighting system.

Southwest Florida Landscape Lighting Redesign Options | Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of NaplesAdd Color

One of the most popular topics in outdoor lighting over the years has been about adding colored lenses to well lights during holidays or for special occasions. While that option is still great, advances in landscape lighting technology mean colored lighting has gotten much easier and better looking! With an RGB LED landscape lighting system, you can change the color of your lights with a few taps on your smartphone. Not only is it easier to change colors, but there are many more color options available with the entirety of the RGB spectrum.

Enhance Festivity

Accent and ambient lighting create a mood. Sometimes that mood is relaxation and tranquility. Other times it is for setting the stage for outdoor fun. When you’re entertaining in your outdoor living spaces, festive overhead string lighting is the fastest way to set the tone. Yes, they are festive and fun for parties and entertaining, but have you ever had a romantic dinner under twinkling market lights? When we install commercial-grade custom string lighting over your outdoor space, you get the best lights and a future filled with magical nights.

Illuminate New Outdoor Living Spaces

Southwest Florida Landscape Lighting Redesign Options | Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of NaplesIf your Southwest Florida landscape lighting system is getting older, chances are, your landscape has changed since it was installed. Did you install a new Palm tree? Did you add a new patio, outdoor kitchen, or swimming pool? Whatever updates you’ve made to your yard over the years, your lighting should be adjusted to work in the new space. Our team offers expertise in all outdoor living lighting; just give us a call to discuss the design details.

Upgrade to LED

Not exactly a design change, per se, but upgrading your Halogen landscape lights to LED can save you a great deal in electricity costs. Not only that, if you do have a few lights to add for that updated design, changing to LED frees up space in your transformer, which could help you avoid having to add another. Our innovative LED lights use approximately 80% less energy than Halogen, and the lamps last 10x longer. When we say you won’t be swapping bulbs for years, we mean it!

The ideas above are just the tip of the outdoor lighting iceberg. Our team customizes all the landscape lighting systems we install – including add-ons.

If your home’s landscape lighting design could use an update, NOW is the time to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. We’ve been serving Southwest Florida for over 20 years with the best outdoor lighting systems designed, installed, and maintained. Call today to request a design consultation.