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Why Is Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Of Naples The Best Company For My Fort Myers Outdoor Lighting Needs?

outdoor patio lightingWith spring now in full bloom and summer backyard entertaining just days away, Fort Myers homeowners plan to spend even more time outdoors.

And, as we all linger longer into the evening hours outdoors, we take comfort in the fact that Fort Myers outdoor lighting will surround us with the beautiful glow of energy-efficient Fort Myers landscape lighting.

Fort Myers Outdoor Lighting For Curb Appeal

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are Fort Myers outdoor lighting. We know that outdoor and landscape lighting is one of the most effective ways to add beauty and value to your home.

As America's most trusted residential outdoor lighting specialists, we know that the secret of stunning Fort Myers landscape lighting outdoor illumination is in the perfect placement of energy-efficient, handcrafted copper and brass outdoor lighting fixtures.

This is where Fort Myers outdoor lighting owns the night. When you see how our professional lighting transforms your home, you'll agree that our designs do more than illuminate. They captivate.

Our trained outdoor lighting designers focus on highlighting all the best features of the front of your property to increase its curb appeal and create a welcoming ambiance. Your home's architecture, textures, and colors will all be considered as your lighting design is created.

Fort Myers Outdoor Lighting For Outdoor Living Spaces

Throughout Fort Myers, we love our decks, patios, and lanais. They have become an excellent extension of our indoor living spaces.

And, as we continue to appreciate them more fully and transition more of our indoor living outside, the right light is critically important.

So the question is, "Do you have the right lights for all of that?"

We're not talking about bright spotlights or floodlights with an obtrusive glare that creates light pollution and annoys the neighbors.

Instead, what we have in mind is a series of small, subtle lights around those spaces to improve safety, increase nighttime functionality, and enhance your outdoor living experience night after night.

Fort Myers Outdoor Lighting For Landscape Lighting Perfection

With the right light, you can truly own the night and stay outdoors for as long as you – and your guests – wish.

Our stunning copper and brass Fort Myers outdoor lighting fixtures will be placed in strategic locations to enhance your landscape without being obvious.

They will blend with the surroundings of your exterior to cast the gorgeous glow of illumination that will enhance the way you live and enjoy your home.

Fort Myers Outdoor Lighting For Backyard Decks, Patios, and Lanais

As outdoor living space culture has evolved, so has the technology for Fort Myers outdoor lighting. Tiny LED lights offer just the right amount of illumination and can be tucked out of the way, so you're not even conscious of where the light is coming from.

For safety, we always recommend installing soft lights in your outdoor living spaces, especially stair risers. Whether you choose to light every step or every other step, you'll gain peace of mind knowing they're there.

For Fort Myers decks, popular deck lighting can be tucked under the deck railings. We also have the perfect down-lighting to add to each railing post, especially at the top of the deck stairs.

Create Functional Spaces With Fort Myers Landscape Lighting

fire pit lightingYou don't need a major project to make your outdoor living spaces more functional. With the help of a few chairs and a cast iron fire pit, you've easily created the perfect area for an evening social gathering that can go late into the evening.

Make it perfect for entertaining and intimate evenings, with mellow landscape lighting and your most comfortable patio chairs.

Sometimes all it takes to freshen things up is a little bit of rearranging. Make your patio feel brand new by moving your furniture around a bit. If you've gone years with your furniture placed away from the house, try pushing things back toward the house to create a designated social area. This can help open up the rest of the patio to make room for a new grill, outdoor bar, or yard games. Make the space inviting and functional with additional outdoor lighting.

If you've been waiting to install a new patio before lighting your outdoor living spaces, there's no need. Get a jump on the rest of your project by installing lighting now. With Fort Myers outdoor lighting options, like festive string lighting or landscape lighting, you can create a welcoming space to host a dinner party and enjoy the mild summer evenings now.

Are you ready to update your property with gorgeous landscape lighting with today's trends? Call our team today to schedule a design consultation and nighttime demonstration. We look forward to working with you.