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3 Reasons Outdoor Lighting is Hot in Apex, NC, Right Now

You may have noticed more and more homes featuring outdoor lighting in Apex, NC, these days, but do you know why? Based on inquiries we’re receiving at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh, it appears three things are primarily driving the increased interest in outdoor lighting in the area.

  1. Apex continues to grow with ever more new upscale residential developments popping up. The national economy is forecasted to grow in 2018, and thanks to the job market in Research Triangle Park, that growth could mean more new development coming to Apex. What does that have to do with outdoor lighting? When a family purchases a newly-built home, they look at this as the time to get everything done the way they want it. If they’re lucky to meet with the builder before the house is completed, they can select the paint colors, carpet, hardwood floors, bathroom fixtures and kitchen amenities of their choosing.
    There’s something about a new house that makes you want to set it up just right, from the start. Homeowners may have to begin with a blank slate for landscaping. Next on the agenda is outdoor lighting. As you plan your landscaping and start creating curb appeal, naturally you want to show it off. Through two types of outdoor lighting — specifically landscape lighting and architectural lighting — you can highlight your beautiful new plants and trees, show off your front porch décor and gently illuminate the new home you’re proud to own. Curb appeal doesn’t have to die at sundown. Show off your new Apex home and create a warm look that says “Welcome” to neighbors and guests.
  2. New residents are moving to Apex from areas of the country where outdoor lighting is the rule and not the exception. In some parts of the country, “everyone” has outdoor lighting. Professionals in the high-tech industry who move here with their jobs bring their appreciation for outdoor lighting with them. They know that outdoor lighting makes their home more secure, makes their walkways safer and enhances the beauty of their architecture and landscaping. They also know from experience they’ll use their outdoor living spaces much more frequently when they have outdoor lighting for their deck, patio and pool. Those outdoor spaces become more inviting and relaxing when homeowners add subtle lighting that’s professionally designed and installed to create just the right ambiance.
  3. Pinterest. While home and gardening magazines are still around, in the world of home décor and home improvement there’s nothing like Pinterest for finding pictures of great ideas. The outdoor lighting concept is spreading even more quickly as Pinterest followers pin photos of the amazing environments other homeowners have created through the use of professional outdoor lighting. This is just as true in Apex and Raleigh as it is in any other small-but-growing community or metropolitan area in the country. On Pinterest, homeowners see what they want and they go and get it for themselves.

Home next to lake that has specialty lighting

Professional Outdoor Lighting in Apex, NC

You may have noticed we’ve used the word professional here a few times. You won’t achieve the same stunning and beautiful effect with Do-It-Yourself outdoor lighting. Our outdoor lighting designers are talented and trained. They have developed their skills through experience, and every new lighting customer benefits from that experience.

Residence and pathway with specialty lighting

When you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh for your free outdoor lighting consultation, we’ll meet with you at your Apex home and look at the areas you’re interested in lighting. We’ll make suggestions, too, based on our experience, and we’ll create a custom LED lighting design based on this consultation. Your custom lighting plan could include landscape lighting, path lighting, deck/patio/pool lighting, architectural lighting and more.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh is the most trusted name in Apex, NC, outdoor lighting, call us today at (919) 769-6651 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!