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Finding Value in Professional Outdoor Lighting in Chapel Hill NC

When did outdoor lighting in Chapel Hill NC become so popular? Actually it has happened gradually as more and more homeowners have come to appreciate the value of professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting.

Knowing When to Hire Professionals

Let’s spend a moment with that concept: Professionally designed and installed. Yes, it does make a difference. Anyone can go to a “big box” home improvement store and purchase a handful of outdoor lighting fixtures and bulbs. You can plant them in your yard and hope for the best. They will light up something. But how effectively? What have you accomplished?

A model will assure you it’s a good use of money to hire a professional make-up artist. A racecar driver pays professionals to keep his cars in tip-top condition. There are times when homeowners choose to rely on professionals. You know this, and you apply this concept when you hire a roofer, a landscaper or an HVAC company.

Patio with specialty lighting

The outdoor lighting designers with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh are professionals. They started with a talent for lighting design and an aptitude for this work. We provide extensive training before allowing them to serve clients, and over the months—and years—as they work, they build upon their skills. They know which light fixtures achieve the desired effect when it comes to uplighting, downlighting, path lighting, landscape lighting, architectural lighting and lighting for safety and security. And don’t forget about lighting for your outdoor living spaces!

Spotting Outdoor Lighting in Chapel Hill NC

Have you driven by a home or business in Chapel Hill with beautiful outdoor lighting and thought, I wish my house looked that great? Your home can look that great! Every home looks better at night when it is enhanced with professional outdoor lighting.

Using Outdoor Lighting to Your Advantage

Making the most of outdoor lighting in the front and back yards:

- Outdoor lighting, while beautiful, doubles as security lighting. We erase the dark spots where trouble can hide.
- Landscape lighting adds a dimension of depth and texture to your plants, shrubs and trees.

Pathway lighting

- Path lighting is a form of landscape lighting that increases safety along paths, steps and walkways.
- One of our most stunning outdoor lighting techniques is directing one light toward a focal point such as a water feature, statue or other outdoor art.

Enhancing your home with outdoor lighting in the front yard:

- Whether your house is located at the front of your lot or set way back off the street, landscape lighting increases curb appeal.
- Architectural lighting, including porch lighting and coach lighting, projects a warm and welcoming ambiance.
- Architectural lighting showcases the architectural features of your home.
- Landscape lighting showcases the beauty of your landscape

Putting outdoor lighting into play in the back yard:

- Outdoor lighting can visually define an outdoor living space.
- Outdoor lighting increases safety around your outdoor living spaces: deck, patio, hot tub, porch, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace or fire pit.
- Deck lighting can provide light for dining so you can see what you’re eating.
- Deck and patio lighting gives you more hours per day (and night) to spend outside on your deck or patio.
- String lighting, also known as party lights, can set a festive mood for outdoor parties.
- Subtle landscape lighting around a deck or patio area can set a romantic mood for dining al fresco.

Maybe we’ve given you a taste here of what professional outdoor lighting can do for your home. If you’re not convinced about the value of professional outdoor lighting, call and ask about our free nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration.

For all your Chapel Hill outdoor lighting needs, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh today at (919) 769-6651 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!