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Can Architectural Lighting in Apex, NC Really Make That Much of a Difference

With the arrival of autumn, you’ve probably begun to notice that days are becoming shorter and shorter. Your usual commute home is quickly becoming a night’s drive, leaving you completely in the dark when you get to your house. Not only is this an inconvenient thing for you, but it leaves your property obscured and lacking in the beauty you can so easily appreciate in the daytime. You’ll never imagine the ways that architectural lighting for your Apex, NC home could completely transform your property when night falls.

Take Control of the Night with Strategically Placed Architectural Lighting in Apex, NC

When the sun goes down, the darkness becomes adept at veiling the finer points of everything. As nightfall approaches, colors fade, objects lose their distinctions, and features become muted. Just what is the material used to construct the house in the picture above? Besides being a one-story home, what are some defining features? What is the address? Many of the easily recognized elements of this gorgeous home are completely missing once the sun sets for the day. But shed some light on some key areas, and the hidden beauty is restored.

house lit up outside at night

With just a flick of a switch, the stone's natural beauty is revealed, and the property's trees and bushes are brought into sharp relief, elevating the property's curb appeal. Now that the shadows are used to contrast the light, the property not only provides appropriate lighting for any who visit, but it is no longer easy to miss. The street numbers are clearly visible as is the entry to your driveway, using pathway lighting to the home’s benefit. Not only are the walkways brought into focus but the windows and the entryway are properly lit, providing both safety for guests and a silent warning to intruders.

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outside of house lit up at dusk

Elegant Architectural Lighting Designs

Properly placed architectural lighting can take your home from unbalanced to mesmerizing. Pictured above is a well-lit porch along with two roof portions featuring uplighting. The mismatch of this lighting scheme makes the house feel unbalanced. When you tone down the brightness of the porch lighting to a softer glow that is more comfortable to sit under, while featuring inviting uplighting throughout the rest of the home, a new picture becomes clear.

All of the windows that were previously missing are now in view, framing this beautiful home in rich blue-gray with white trim. The different color lights provide a brightness that makes traversing the grounds easy to do without being glaring or off-putting.

house lit up at night

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