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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta Helps Augusta National Prepare for Masters Tournament

The first major championship of 2012, the Masters Tournament, started today and golf fans all over are turning on their TVs and watching the best in golf compete on one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world: Augusta National. Augusta National golf club was first founded in 1933 and started hosting the Masters in 1934. “It’s such a special place,” says Pat Otis, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta.

Over the next four days everyone will be watching the beauty of Augusta National. From Founder’s Circle to Rae’s Creek, the property is magnificent and the care it is given is evident. “We have been working with Augusta National since 1999 and it has been both a great treat and wonderful honor,” says Otis. “They are constantly improving the property but always in a subtle way that keeps the traditions of the course alive and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Otis and his team provide outdoor lighting in Augusta and its surrounding areas and started working with Augusta National when they needed a low-voltage lighting expert. Over the last 13 years they have added over 400 outdoor lights, not that you would notice most of them. “The vast majority of the lights we installed on the property are what we call moon lights that are up in the trees,” explains Otis. “They can be difficult to install, but in this case it is important that fixtures aren’t easily visible to the members or spectators so we place lights between 35 and 80 feet up in the trees. You can’t see the fixtures, but at night, the effect is beautiful.”

Moon lighting is an outdoor lighting effect that mirrors the effect the moon. By placing fixtures up in the trees and positioning them downward, the light will highlight the tree but also create the same shadows that the moon does. It is a much more subtle look than normal tree lighting that utilizes up lighting. “It’s perfect for Augusta National because it’s much more natural-looking and reflects the personality of the property,” explains Otis.

When it comes to preparing for the Masters Tournament, the whole city prepares and Otis is no different. “My team and I go out to Augusta National three to four times prior to the tournament to make sure everything is just right. We check every light, relocate some and add any that are needed. The final check happens the week prior to play.”

Now that play has begun, Pat can take a little time to sit back and relax. We are so proud of him and his team. If only the tournament was played a night so we could see the beautiful lighting… I guess that would make it a little more difficult for the players, however.