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Georgetown’s Washington Harbour Lights Up on the Potomac

If you’ve never visited Washington D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood, you’re missing out. It’s beautiful and has something for everyone to enjoy: great restaurants, eclectic shops, delicious bakeries, gorgeous parks and more. In the Georgetown area you can find the Washington Harbour, which provides luxury condos, offices, shops and restaurants along the Potomac River. On a nice day residents and visitors alike can watch boats pass on the river and enjoy views of the Kennedy Center and Watergate.

washington harbour lighting upgrade
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives recently started working with the Washington Harbour on retrofitting their architectural and security lighting. When the weather is nice, the Washington Harbour hosts a number of outdoor events and needed better outdoor lighting to improve the atmosphere and security at night.

To cut down on the Harbour’s energy and maintenance costs, induction lighting is being used on the project’s retrofit of existing fixtures. Induction lighting isn’t as well known as LED lighting, but it is even more energy efficient and makes more sense for a lot of commercial applications like parking lots and garages, street lighting, etc. For the Washington Harbour, induction lighting reduces their overall energy consumption and is cutting down on their maintenance costs because induction bulbs last for up to 22 years! Check out some of the other benefits of commercial induction lighting compared to other technologies on our outdoor lighting comparison chart.

Although saving money and energy alone is a great reason to consider retrofitting existing commercial fixtures, it doesn’t mean that we have to compromise on the aesthetics of the project. In the image to the right, you can see the white light of induction lighting in comparison to the orange/yellow light of a depreciated CFL bulb. The white light improved the light quality of the Harbour’s buildings because it’s brighter than CFL, but it also gave them a consistent color output throughout the harbour. The color of CFL and LED bulbs may shift and change over time, whereas induction will remain steady from fixture to fixture.

Induction lighting and its’ reliable white light and longevity increases safety in areas like the Washington Harbour. The light is more pleasing the eye, allowing people to more clearly see where they are walking, biking, etc.

We are really excited about the Induction lighting project at the Washington Harbour because of all the benefits it provides for residents and visitors to the area. If you need help in planning, designing and installing a commercial lighting project, or just have more questions on what is best for you, please visit our commercial outdoor lighting.