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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives FAQ

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How are the lights powered?

Our lighting fixtures are powered by low voltage transformers which will be connected to your home through a standard 120 volt outlet.

Timer Questions?

Our timer options include an astronomical outdoor timer which will automatically turn the lights on from dusk to dawn, or anytime in between! This timer will also change with the season as well as daylight savings, so once it is set, you won’t have to adjust it again. Other timer options include a photocell controller that turns the lights on or off based on the brightness outside, or a smart-socket which would allow the home-owner to control their lights with their smartphone.

Burying the Wire

All the wire we use is rated to be directly buried and left in the ground. We bury the wire 4-6 inches deep and use sod staples to firmly hold it in place. To further protect the wire, we encase it in conduit in higher risk areas, like along grass lines where an edging tool might reach.

Do you use LED?

Yes! We only use LED fixtures. Using LED reduces energy consumption and increases longevity!


We have a great team of employees who are specifically trained to design and install your dream outdoor lighting for residences and commercial settings!

What Happens If a Wire is Cut or a Light Goes Out?

We have warranties on all of our fixtures, LED bulbs, and transformers! So if you have trouble with any of those products will we gladly replace them free of charge! If there are cut wires or any other non-warranty issues with your lighting just give us a call and we will come service the system as soon as we are available.

Payment Options?

Payments can be applied through credit cards, checks, or cash. In-house, 3 month financing is also available when needed.

Difference Between Landscape and Architectural Lighting?

Landscape lighting is the illumination of landscapes which can include, but is not limited to: trees, shrubs, bushes, ect. Architectural lighting is the illumination of architecture which can include, but is not limited to: columns, home facades, pool cages, staircases, etc.

Can the Lights Change Colors?

Yes they can! Our standard lighting is a warm white; however, we have multiple color-changing options for our fixtures! Smart bulbs or programmable fixtures are both viable options for the customer looking for even more personal customization in their lighting design.

Integrate with my Smart Home?

Because our low voltage transformers are connected through outlets, smart homes can easily control their fixtures by turning the connected outlet on or off with their smart devices.

How Long Does the Installation Take?

On average, our installation process takes one day from start to finish.

Once We Say Yes, How Long Does it Take to Install?

Typically, once the sale has been finalized the installation can begin in one to two weeks.

What Happens After the Install?

After the installation we can set up a nighttime adjustment one to two weeks after the installation is complete. This gives the client the chance to see if any of the lights need to be adjusted in any way. These adjustments might include brightening or dimming lights, or adjusting the light beam angles. Our installers are trained to know where to aim the lights and which bulbs to use in all scenarios, but because we install during the day, we will occasionally need to make slight adjustments to give our clients the perfect lighting they are looking for.


We help to maintain our client’s lighting systems through our Annual Maintenance Plan. This plan involves cleaning off lenses, wiping down the fixtures casings, and straightening out the fixtures in case they may have shifted over time. The maintenance also includes trimming back any greenery that may have grown in the way of the light.

Do I have to bring my own landscape lighting ideas?

No! When you work with our experienced outdoor lighting designers, we can help you conceptualize the entire look and process of your system. You don't have to work about having a completed idea in your head to get a professional looking final product!

When you're ready to install your outdoor lighting in Sarasota call OLP at (941) 304-4624!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

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