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Safety Lighting around your Richmond home

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond we pride ourselves on creating stunning architectural and landscape lighting systems. Our clients enjoy increased curb appeal and extended time outdoors, but they’re also enjoying a safer property.

Outdoor lighting enhances safety by lighting the areas of the property that could be dangerous if not illuminated properly. Our designers will initially look for:

Steps lightingSteps and stairs. Most of us have tripped up the stairs as some point. The risk of that happening increases when you can’t clearly see where you’re stepping or how many stairs there are. Lighting steps is both easy and necessary in most cases. Here you can see two different step lighting applications in one space. A half-moon down light was installed towards the bottom of the staircase shooting light on the horizontal area of the steps. Towards the top of the stairs, there is a path light that illuminates the top few stairs. These are just two of the lighting applications used on step lighting. Another technique includes installing lights on the step riser.

Path lightingPathways. We typically notice a flow to our clients’ properties. Those are the travelled paths of the property. Most often they are paved walkways or paths, but not always. Sometimes the most travelled areas of the property are simply grassy areas, but they still need to be properly lit. Path lights and moonlights are two of the most common outdoor lighting installations. Path lights, like the one you see here, are strategically placed around the traveled areas lighting the surrounding areas. Moonlights are installed high in tree branches over the paths, shooting the light downward. As the light hits branches, they create shadows below mimicking the light of the moon.

Fountain lightingFocal Points. We’re lucky to see some of the most beautiful backyards in the Greater Richmond area. From fountains to fire features, we’ve seen it all. While lighting them allow them to be appreciated day and night (which is a great benefit) it also increases the safety of the property. By washing the features with light, homeowners ensure that friends and family do not accidentally walk into or trip over any they shouldn’t. Take this fountain and rock wall for instance. Without the light, it fades into darkness and visitors could easily trip and fall around the space.

If you’re considering safety lighting in Midlothian, Richmond and the surrounding areas, please give us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond a call at 804.874.9985.