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Dress Up Your Yard for Your Next Outdoor Party

Whether it’s a weekend barbecue or party or even a weeknight dinner, summer is a great time to move outside and enjoy the nights outside. Effective and aesthetically pleasing landscape lighting will keep your guests outside in a beautiful environment. If traditional lighting fixtures aren’t you’re style, that’s OK. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers unique lighting options to dress up your backyard in a visually interesting way.

Exterior House LightingUsed for a few years in holiday lighting, our laser light fixtures are increasing in popularity as a unique tree lighting technique. The fixtures are placed at the base of a tree (or other object you’d like to illuminate) and send hundreds of light specs into the branches. Similar to string lights, the LED light makes the tree look as if it’s glowing and are available in multiple colors. The outdoor lighting fixture is rechargeable and can be taken inside when not in use.

Also used for year in holiday lighting, string lights are also growing in popularity as permanent outdoor. They aren’t the same lights you’re wrapping around your Christmas tree, though. These lights are made to be outside day and night. The chords and the bulbs are larger allowing them to stand up to elements over time. You can see here how beautiful the string lights look over a patio, but they also provide effective illumination, beautiful and increasing safety!

Seating under String LightsLastly, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers illuminated outdoor accessories through our partnership with Casuwel Outdoor Furniture. The accessories include lanterns, towers, spheres (that float!) and wine coolers. Each piece includes a rechargeable LED light that has several color settings, blue, green, red, and more to provide a colorful glow. Because they are no permanent fixtures, they’re great outdoor lighting options for outdoor parties or dinners.

If you’re interested in learning more about unique outdoor lighting options and ideas for your backyard, please contact us.