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Warm Up Your Backyard with Light

As the weather warms up here in Richmond, more and more homeowners are looking to spend time outside in their backyards. Be it a deck, porch, patio or other structure, outdoor living spaces can be a true extension of your home. For that to be the case however, light is a necessity. Without it, we’re forced back inside when the sun goes down.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives designs and installs beautiful deck and patio lighting in Richmond. Each of our systems is created for the specific space in mind as each of our clients’ properties require different types of lighting applications. Here are two great examples of beautiful backyard spaces enhanced with light.

Patio lightsThis first example has a gorgeous outdoor living space. It includes a rounded stone paver patio, fire pit, and custom built outdoor kitchen. The homeowners love to cook and entertain outdoors, but felt the space was unsafe when dark. Simple lighting applications with high-quality fixtures made this space much safer and more beautiful at night.
For the outdoor kitchen and bar area, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installed downlights under the bar top, shooting light down onto the patio. It highlights the kitchen itself, but also effectively illuminates the patio area around the space.

The patio itself required good lighting to ensure safety. Path lights were placed around the edge of patio. The spread of light is relatively wide so we didn’t have to use too many fixtures to complete the job.

Downlights were also installed under the lip of the fire pit to make sure no one trips and falls around the flame.

String lightsThis second example is very different but just as beautiful. The homeowners recently added an outdoor dining space under a pergola in their backyard. While it was perfect during the day, the beauty of the space couldn’t be appreciated at night, not to mention the owners couldn’t see their food!

Instead of using traditional outdoor lighting fixtures on this project, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives used a more whimsical application: outdoor strings lights. These are not the same string lights that you buy at the local store around Christmas; they are professional grade and made to withstand the elements for a long time. For this project, they were hung from the beams of the pergola, but they can also be used around deck and patio railings, in trees and more.

If you have questions regarding lighting your backyard space, please contact us 804.874.9985.