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Statue, Pergola, and Landscape Lighting and More

Richmond area homeowners take great pride in their homes and properties. As we visit properties our landscape lighting designers see beautiful details including statues, outdoor structures, and outdoor entertaining areas. Our goal is to allow these stunning details to be appreciated day and night.

Here are some outdoor lighting designs that we’d like to share that highlight the amazing details of a property.

Landscape lightingThis first home had a beautiful raised covered porch with ivy-covered steps leading to it. When the sun went down, the entire area was completely lost and our goal was to breathe new life into it. The perfect lighting plan needed to address the porch, ivy, and surrounding landscaping.

For the porch, we installed column lighting at the base of the two front columns to shoot light upward into the eaves of the porch. Doesn’t the white of the columns look great against the dark background?

Additional landscape lighting is used for the ivy steps and trees. Path lights and downward facing deck lights bring out the texture and color of the ivy. Uplights were used on the tree surrounding trees to create a “frame” around the entire area.

Landscape lightingOur second example comes from an elaborate garden that consists of paths, hedges, urns, and a pergola. It was important to the owners that the entire space can be explored and appreciated, but the light can’t be star. Great garden lighting brings out all of the details without bringing attention to the lighting fixtures.

Up lights were installed at the base of the pergola and the trees, spotlights are used to bring out the urn in the center of the circle, and path lights were installed to light, you guessed it, the paths.

Landscaping lightsThe last landscape lighting example involves this beautiful dripping hanging urn and ivy-covered wall. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives was brought in to highlight the color and texture. Spotlights and up-lights strategically placed to make this otherwise dark area shine at night.

If you’re interested in learning more about garden and landscape lighting in Richmond and the surrounding areas, please give us a call at 804.874.9985.