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The Benefits of Working with a Lighting Specialist

Architectural and landscape lighting can make a big and immediate impact on the curb appeal and usability of a property. But, not all lighting systems and fixtures are created equal. With landscapers, deck builders and pool companies putting in lights from time to time, trust us, it pays to work with an outdoor lighting specialist. Here’s why:Outdoor lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

If you’ve read our blog before, we are big believers in outdoor lighting design. The perfect design accentuates the stand-out features of a property and addresses how you use your outdoor living spaces. A professional outdoor lighting company like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond has a team of trained designers and the experience to know how to create the perfect system for even the most difficult installations and properties. Lighting is all we do.

Second to the quality of the design, the fixtures that make up your landscape lighting is another important component to a gorgeous system. At OLP, we partner with the best manufacturers to bring our clients the highest-quality fixtures on the market. They withstand the elements better, have better warranties and provide a better effect than the average fixtures you can pick up at the nearby big box store. Because of our relationship with manufacturers we can also have unique or custom pieces created for difficult or specific uses.

Outdoor lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville 

When you work with an outdoor lighting specialist, you’re creating a relationship, and it doesn’t end when the lights are installed. Why you ask? Maintenance and service. They’re key to keeping your lighting looking spectacular. How would you feel if you paid for a lighting system just to have a light go out and you couldn’t quickly have it fixed? Because lighting is all we do, we’re happy to come and make adjustments, replace bulbs and fix any issues. We’re happy when your property looks fabulous! All of our new lighting system installations carry a year of free lighting maintenance and we offer annual maintenance plans to keep your system perfect.

These are just a few of the reason why working with a professional outdoor lighting specialist when looking to enhance your property makes sense. We’re confident our team of trained designers and installers can provide with you a system that you love. Please contact us at 874.9985 to discuss your property’s needs.