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No Empty Houses with Lighting Controls

The holidays are a time when people travel. They leave their homes to visit friends and family down the street, on the other side of town or in another state. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we want homeowners to enjoy time away and not worry about their home. One way to keep your home a little safer is to utilize lighting controls.

Outdoor lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville 

Lighting controls are something that we have been using for years. In its simplest form, controls can turn on your outdoor and landscape lighting at a certain time of day and then turn them off at another time. Did you know, however, that those same controls can work inside your house?

Take this scenario for example. You’re away from home for a week for the holidays, but no one walking by at night would ever know it. At 5pm, a time you’d typically be coming back from work, your front living room light turns on. At 6:30 another light upstairs turns on. At 8:30, the living room light turns off and then at 11pm, the bedroom light turns off too. The lights are set to mimic your normal schedule, making it look as if someone is home during the season.

A house that looks occupied is less likely to be broken into and make it a little more secure and we’re happy to provide this service through lighting control automation.

Lighting controls have come a long way in the last 5 years. They can be programmed to be so specific and custom to you and your lifestyle that it will make your days and nights just a little easier. Imagine if a few of the downstairs lights turns on automatically at the time you would otherwise be stumbling in the dark to make your morning coffee. How nice would that be?

If you have questions on how controls can make your home a little safer and your day a little easier, please contact us at (804) 353-6999.