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Avoiding Injuries with Light this Winter

We are officially in the middle of the holiday season. It’s the time to celebrate with friends and family, but unfortunately it can also be a time of year with increased injury. All too often people get hurt while decorating for the season or as a result of decreased temperatures. Here are some of our tips to avoid injury.

If you’re heading outside to install outdoor Christmas lights, be careful. Every year there are injuries from people falling from ladders. Wear rubber soled shoes to avoid slipping and grab a friend to spot you while off the ground, especially on unsteady or uneven ground.

When affixing lights to your property, never use nails. Not only can you easily injury yourself while hammering while standing on a ladder, it can cause damage and leaks to your property. Instead, look for light clips that hook onto rooflines. They are easily installed and used and easy to remove at the end of the season.

Outdoor lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

One of the common injuries during the winter is due to the weather: slipping. Richmond has beautiful brick walkways on both residential and commercial properties. Unfortunately brick and other outdoor surfaces become slick with frost and black ice. Professional outdoor landscape lighting can increase safety by illuminating these surfaces. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives designs and installs systems for this purposes. Some of the areas we pay particular attention to are:

Walkways. If increased safety is the goal of your outdoor lighting services, illuminated traveled pathways is imperative. Our high-quality path lights spread a beautiful wash of light across services.

Driveways. Sometimes more difficult to light properly, driveways are just as important to light for safety purposes as walkways as people will walk from their cars to a driveway. Spot lights, path lights, flood lights and moonlighting are all options for driveway lighting. Depending on your property, our trained outdoor lighting designers will discuss the options for you and decide which is the right choice.

Steps and stairs. Steps and stairs are always addressed in our exterior lighting designs. During the dark and cold winter months, it is very important to illuminate steps as people traveling to and from the home.

If you have questions on increasing the safety of your property, please call us at (804) 353-6999.