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Bright Gifts for Everyone

The outdoor Christmas lights have been turned on in Richmond. And we absolutely love it at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives! While the lights and music bring a festive spirit to the season, one aspect that can be a little more stressful is gift giving. Finding the right gifts for everyone on your list isn’t always easy.

Giving the gift of light is one that is sure to please and there are big and small options that fit every home and property. Here are some ideas that we can help with you.Outdoor lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville Illuminated Accents. From glowing orbs to illuminated lanterns, lighted accents can add a little romance or style to an outdoor (or indoor) living space. Seen here in a bright white light, some of these objects can change color to match different party themes. Two of our favorites are the orbs and the wine chiller. The orbs are great along pathways, in the middle of tables, along steps and more. They are truly a versatile outdoor accents that are perfect for many spots. Your friend or family member is sure to find the right spot for them.

If someone on your list is a wine drinker, the illuminated chiller is something that’s fun and unexpected.

Festive Outdoor Lighting. We told you all about the easiest outdoor Christmas lighting in a previous blog post, but one of the reasons we love the Starry Lights fixture is that it’s so easy to move around and install that it can be used all year round. Many of our clients keep them handy and charged for barbecues or simple dinners outside. Starry Lights add a little color, fun and ambiance to the property.Outdoor lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Custom Landscape and Architectural Lighting. A favorite gift for parents or homeowner children, architectural and landscape lighting is a wonderful gift that everyone will appreciate for years to come when they no longer come home to a dark property. For the gift, we can create a gift certificate or go by the property to provide a tentative price. Each one of our systems is custom designed for the property and we suggest the owners be part of the design process.

Happy gifting everyone!