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Outdoor Lighting Design in Richmond

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond we pride ourselves on creating beautiful outdoor lighting designs for our clients. Without a great design lighting can look unattractive, but with it, it can look spectacular.

Curb appeal Richmond & Charlottesville The key to a great architectural lighting design is that it has to be unique to each and every project. It is not one size fits all. Each property has its own character and charm that needs to be accentuated to create the perfect lighting design. Beyond areas that we always light for safety purposes (steps, pathways and entrances), here are few things that our trained designers look for while creating a system.

Texture. The greater Richmond area has absolutely stunning architecture and landscape features that incorporate texture and depth to a property. Oftentimes, that texture is the standout feature in fact. It’s integral to any lighting design that the texture is highlighted and can be appreciated both day and night. Imagine if a brick house, for example, just looked flat. It simply wouldn’t be the same.

Texture doesn’t have to be a home’s material however, it can be lush ivy and landscaping. Strategically placed landscape lighting fixtures can bring that all back to life at night.Outdoor lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

trong lines and features. Sometimes we drive up to a property and there are special features to the home we notice right away. For example, the house has a porte cochere and arched porch. They make the home different and unique so they absolutely have to be illuminated in our book! Doesn’t it look lovely with light? Simply placing lights in the ground without thought or experience wouldn’t accentuate those details the way a trained, professional outdoor lighting company can.

Height. One thing we’ve seen all too often are properties that look as if they are cut off. The first floor is lit and then there is just darkness. If the home has height, it needs to play a role in an outdoor lighting design. Using high quality up lights and carefully installed spot lights, we ensure that the entire home can be appreciated by friends and neighbors.

If you’d like to discuss a custom outdoor lighting design for your property, please contact us at (804) 353-6999.