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The Easiest Outdoor Christmas Tree Lighting

Never in the year does the greater Richmond area shine brighter than the holidays. Homeowners, business owners, and properties of all kind take the time to make the outside of their property as festive as possible. While we love outdoor Christmas lights at OLP of Richmond, we know the hassle that some outdoor lighting applications can be, and we’re here to help!

Outdoor lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Tree lighting is a favorite holiday lighting technique, but it also is the most time consuming. Not only do homeowners have to wrap lights around the brands or in the leaves, but they also have to get up on a ladder, which can be dangerous! Not anymore. The newest outdoor Christmas tree lighting fixture from OLP takes the hassle out of this process. Its name? Starry Lights.

Starry Lights is a small laser based fixture. Its set-up is simple; using a ground stake or stand, the fixture is placed at the base of the tree or object you’d like to illuminate. When turned on, the fixture shoots hundreds of LED bursts onto the surface, making your trees shine after two minutes of set up; talk about easy!

The Starry Lights fixture is made for the outdoors and can withstand the sometimes harsh winter elements and can be used for years to come. Depending on how you’d like to install, it can be hooked up by extension chord like the rest of your Christmas lights, or it can be recharged as needed. Either way, this may become your go-to lighting fixture.Outdoor lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

If you follow or know Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you know we’re passionate about lighting. It’s all we do and we know better than anyone that festive lighting is NOT just for the holidays. It should be embraced and used all year round! Starry Lights is perfect for special events or just fun nights outside with friends and family. They are available in three colors: red, green and blue which makes them versatile choices for all applications.

If you’re interested in learning more or ordering Starry Lights fixtures, contact us at (804) 353-6999. With a 7-day lead time, we’ll have you ready for the holidays in no time!