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Getting Outdoor and Landscape Lighting Ready for Fall

There are just a few weeks left before the kids go back to school and summer ends. We’ve already noticed the sun is rising a little later and setting a little earlier. As the night’s darkness continues to sneak up at us, we at OLP encourage outdoor lighting clients to turn their attention on their system and take notice if it is in need of any maintenance or service.
Outdoor lighting
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives prides itself on not only designing and installing custom lighting systems, but also on providing ongoing maintenance to keep that system performing just as the day it was installed. With the dark months coming, late summer and early fall are great times for a lighting system-tune up. Here are a few things we encourage homeowners with landscape and architectural lighting to look for:

Dimming lights. It’s natural for light bulbs to dim over time, but the system overall should always have an even wash of light that effectively illuminates the property. If you’ve noticed it dimming, there are bulbs out or the light is no longer even across all sections, it may be time to have your bulbs updated.
Path lighting
Depending on when you had your lighting system installed, you may have halogen lights on your property that will dim more quickly. We now recommend LED lights for added energy-efficiency and performance. The typically LED light lasts up to 50,000 hours!

Lights and lens covers. The metro-Richmond area is blessed with gorgeous trees, but in the fall many of those trees lose their leaves. Any up lights should have lens covers to keep those leaves away from the bulb for safety purposes.

Wires. OLP buries all lighting wires when a new system is installed on a property, but with normal erosion some of it can become exposed from time to time. With fall landscaping and fallen leaves, a rake, for instance, could make the issue worse. If you walk your property and see any wire, make sure to call your outdoor lighting company to visit the property and rebury any wire that has become exposed.

Each Outdoor Lighting Perspectives comes with a year of free maintenance and then we offer an Annual Maintenance Plan allowing clients to keep their systems in top shape each year, but we’re here for all your lighting maintenance needs. If you’re experiencing any issues with your system, don’t hesitate to contact us at 804.874.9985.