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Highlighting Backyard Water Features

As we at OLP custom design outdoor lighting systems for homeowners all across Metro Richmond, we’ve been some spectacular properties. From stunning homes, lush landscaping, and unique statues, we’ve seen it all. One trend we see in backyard spaces is custom water features. When our designers see these standout features, we make sure to illuminate it so it can be appreciated both day and night.

UplightingThis first example is a high standing water feature that serves as a focal point for the property. A stacked stone retaining wall is built up in one area with small pebble-like details. Water runs down the pebbles (creating the soothing sound of falling water) into a small pond below. With full trees behind it, this water feature is impressive, but with the exception of the sound of falling water, it was completely lost at night, until we visited the home.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives used a few techniques for this water feature. It was important to us that the pond and the stone were both illuminated for full impact. Under water lights were installed in the water shooting light upward. We use only the best quality lighting fixtures for this to withstand being submerged for a long period of time. In addition to the underwater lights, we used small spot lights to wash the stone in warm light. It brings the color and textures of the feature back to life.

Backyard pool lightingInstead of falling into a pond designed for looked, our second water feature falls into a backyard pool. Since people swim in the pool (and stand underneath the waterfall), we didn’t recommend any underwater light fixtures for this installation. Instead, we installed lights on the underside of the rocks, illuminated the falling water and bordering stone. You can see how the feature now stand outs at night not only increasing its beauty, but also the safety of the overall pool. We don’t want anyone hitting their head on dark stone!

If you have standout features on your property that fade into darkness at night, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can help! Call us at 804-874-9995 to set up a free design consultation.