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Easy Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas

The city of Richmond embraces the holiday season like no other. You can’t go down a street without seeing beautiful outdoor Christmas lights. While some displays are extravagant, they don’t have to be. You can add festive cheer to your property easily! Here are some simple ideas.

We love the look of small lighted Christmas trees that you see at home décor stores, but they can be created in a matter of minutes. All you’ll need is a tomato cage and a string or two of outdoor string lights. It’s important to check the packaging to make sure the lights are made for outdoor use to minimize any risk of failure. All you need to do once you have the materials is wrap the cage in lights; it takes less than five minutes to complete. Take it outside and plug it in and you have a lighted Christmas tree. Want to make it even more festive? Purchase multiple cages and buy lights of varying colors.

Get more use out of your hanging planters and use them throughout the holiday season. Instead of plants that may not be great for winter, fill the planter with greenery (holly is perfect for this), extra ornaments (plastic is best) or fake poinsettias. Wrap the base in outdoor string lights to make it shine in the dark. The decorations inside will look festive during the day, too!

If your style is more classic in nature, you can keep your decorations indoor and still make an impact from the outside. Buy indoor “candles” (with lightbulbs instead of flames) and place them in every front window. This is a design that’s been used for years, but with good reason, it’s pretty! Add a little more detail by adding a wreath or snowflake in the window that will be seen clearly when the candle is on.

For those with a little more crafting experience, created lighted snowflakes. You’ll need some wooden slats, wood glue, white spray paint and outdoor string lights. Create a snowflake (or a star) with the wood slats and glue. When dry, spray paint it white, then wrap in lights.

From all of us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we wish you a safe, happy and bright holiday season.